When You Create, You’ll Be Ripped Off. Create Anyway.

I keep having people bring to my attention that other Social Media speakers, trainers, authors, etc. are lifting (that’s a polite word for stealing) my own content, even using my “Kneblisms” word for word and earning a lot of money doing it. I don’t compete. I create. When you create, you will be ripped off. They can steal my stuff but they can’t steal my mind. And no one can steal yours either. Create. Add massive value to the world. What goes around comes around, both the good and the bad. And remember that karma’s not a bitch….unless you are.

Don’t Compete. Create.

You need not compete with nor deprive anyone. Don’t compete. Create instead. Amateurs compete. Professionals create.

Please Let Me Know If I Can Ever Help You In Any Way

How do you end your emails? In a more and more over-caffeinated, hyper-competitive, Mach 5 with your receding hairline on fire, Crackberry, Blackberry world, I’m suggesting that you put your hand out more often and be more friendly. I almost always end my emails with “Please let me know if I can ever help you in any way.” I could write a book on how adopting a pay-it-forward attitude toward everyone creates an amazing life of abundance. Oh yeah, I am writing a book on that right now. This doesn’t mean that you’re trying to be Mother Teresa or Gandhi. You’re just letting people know that you’re friendly and that you’re sincerely interested in helping them in some way if you can. Spread the love. Pay it forward. You’ll be amazed at how rich your life becomes.  

Don’t Handicap Yourself Unnecessarily

This afternoon I was walking into a store and an elderly woman in one of those motorized handicapped scooters was also walking in at the same time so I said to her, “I’ll hold the door open for you.” As she was steering through the door, the side of her scooter nicked the door jam. I smiled at her and said, “Young lady, have you been drinking and driving?” She laughed, smiled at me and with a twinkle in her eye she replied, “I’ll never tell.” When she was out of earshot a lady who had observed our interaction said to me with a stern look on her face, “I can’t believe you said that to her.” I replied, “Why? Her legs are handicapped, not her sense of humor.” When people know that you sincerely care about them, there’s no need to worry about political correctness or any other stupid …

A Long, Happy Life Is A Lot To Think About

A long, happy life is a lot to think about. Focus on having a great day. Then do it again. And again. And before you know it, you’re having a pretty amazing life.


Choose To Be Grateful In Biz And You’ll Have More To Be Grateful In Biz For

An often overlooked component of a successful business is gratitude. Anyone who has had some success in biz understands that you better make the customer or client happy through the sales process. And for most businesses, that’s where they end. Once the deal is consummated, product purchased, etc., they probably couldn’t pick their client out of a line-up. How do you show your gratitude to your clients on an ongoing basis? Do they feel the love? If so, for how long? What if you expressed your gratitude in some way and continued to do so over time? I’m not talking about in a weird, stalker-like way. I’m talking about in a way that’s sincere and keeps you top of mind. What if after they became your client, you remembered something unique from the sales or on boarding process and politely reminded them of that and thanked them for it. What …


Be Sober-Minded, Not Sober-Faced. Smile More.

I travel a lot. As a Professional Speaker/Author, I probably meet more people in a few weeks than most folks meet in a year or more and I’ve noticed something over time. There’s a lot of men who look like they’ve been sucking on a lemon since they were three years old. What’s with the dudes? I don’t find this so often with women. The Bible (Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth) says to be sober-minded, not sober-faced. Smile more. Dale Carnegie taught this as one of his thirty instructions in his timeless classic, “How to Win Friends and Influence People” back in 1936. Matter of fact, in HTWFAIP, all of his chapter summaries are written as simple sentences, and the only instruction he gives which is only one word is the instruction, “Smile”. We tend to get what we give. Give a smile. It breaks the ice. And it usually …


Spoil Your Parents. And Your Clients. While You Can.

My brothers and I recently sent our parents on an all-expense paid trip to Oahu and Maui where they stayed at two Four-Star waterfront resorts for their 50th wedding anniversary. Although my folks had the time of their life and they were very grateful for the present, I think I was the one who really got the gift. I’ve been able to have the greatest parents on earth for my 48 years of life here on this awesome blue ball. I didn’t always think my parents were that great, but that’s normal when you’re younger. Now I know better. Ever think about your clients kinda the same way you think about your parents? Your parents gave you life. Your clients gave you business. Your parents could have given you away and found or had some other kids. Your clients can give you away any time they like. We have limited …


The Knebl Thirty Second Success Seminar

You can read tons of books on success, and I suggest you do. I’ve read about a book a week on personal development for almost twenty years, so I’ll save you some time. Here’s the Knebl Thirty Second Success Seminar: 1) Define your dream. 2) Determine the price in terms of time, effort, resources, etc. 3) Pay the price. Everything else is window dressing. Now go invest the thousands of dollars I just saved you on books.


The Knebl Three-Foot Rule

I’ve lately had a number of people tell me that they’ve heard of my three-foot rule from others and they’ve said that they want to hear it from me in my own words, so because I seek to serve, here ya go. The Knebl Three-Foot Rule: 1) Smile at everyone who comes within three feet of you. 2) If they smile back, say hi. 3) If they say hi back, start a conversation with them about them. That’s it. Don’t be fooled by the simplicity – things that are simple to do are also simple not to do. Like exercising, eating correctly, etc. This simple rule has made me hundreds and hundreds of thousands of dollars, but that’s not why I do it. I do it because it’s the right way to live. The money is a nice fringe benefit. Now go forth, be friendly and prosper. To your massive …


Start 2013 Today

Today is the first business day of December for most folks. Most people struggle with New Year’s resolutions, so I say forget ’em. Start 2013 today. By deciding that you’ll take some baby steps at the end of 2012, you’re in a way better position to crank into 2013. Start small. Think about what you’d like to accomplish in 2013 and start making minor progresses daily for the next 28 days. I suggest that if you do this, you’ll be miles ahead of everyone else by 2/1/13.


I’m All About Paying It Forward And I’d Love You To Ask Me To Prove It

As our parents and grandparents told us, we only have one chance to make a good first impression. Make smart use of first impressions. When someone sends you an email, calls you, leaves you a voice mail message, pings you on Social Media, etc. think about how you typically first respond to that person. What if one of the first sentences out of your mouth or in your email or Facebook reply was “I’m all about paying it forward and I’d love you to ask me to prove it.” I’m suggesting that this one simple act and then backing it up with action will transform your business and personal life. It has mine.


Top Of Mind Awareness Is Easy

I meet so many business people who say they want to stay top of mind with their prospects, clients, customers and referral partners. Some of these folks fall for the offers of “We can get you 50 bajillion Twitter followers in an hour” and so on. That’s sad. How naive. There’s a very easy way to stay top of mind. The problem is that anything easy to do is also easy not to do. How’s that NordicTrack clothes hanger in the corner working out? The Golden Rule is the answer. You know, that “Do unto others as you’d have them do unto you” thing. If you’d like for people to say thanks when you do something for them, get in the habit of saying thanks. A lot. If you’d like for people to refer you business, start referring business. If you’d like for people to be a little nicer, be the …

Give People The Benefit Of The Doubt

When people do something bone-headed, and we all do bone-headed things, it’s better to think the best of the person versus immediately coming down on them like a ton of bricks. Take the extra few seconds or minutes to reach out to them and politely discuss the situation. More than likely they didn’t realize they were doing something to bother you. It’s better to think the best of people and not become jaded. This takes practice. Now, if they’re repeatedly doing things which lead you to believe that you’re dealing with a walking brain donor….

Use Social Media To Help People

This past Summer it was heartwarming to see the flood of support and encouragement that came from all over the USA and around the globe during the Waldo Canyon Fire which destroyed over 350 homes here in Colorado Springs. During the last few days it has been amazing to see the devastation which Hurricane Sandy brought to the NorthEast and the MidWest. And it’s even greater to see the outpouring of support that’s being directed to the folks affected by this monster storm. Thank God for Social Media. We can pay it forward, help people, spread the love and add massive value to people in ways we couldn’t have dreamed of ten or twenty years ago. How are you using your Social Media channels to help people? It’s as close as your fingertips.


Give Away More

While I was in Seattle this past weekend, I had dinner with my good friends and fellow International Speakers and Authors, Patrick Snow and Mark Matteson. The conversation was fantastic and it went into the night. One of the things Mark said has been bouncing around in my head the last few days. He said that he’s learning to “Give away more.” Mark, Patrick and I have always been generous with the time, materials and consulting that we give away vs. what we get paid for by our clients and Mark challenged Patrick and I to raise the bar. I’m up for the challenge. How do you give away value? I’m not proposing that you start giving away all your secret sauce that you earn money for. But what can you do on a daily and weekly basis to give more away because you’re a generous person? Yes, it will …

You’re As Entitled As You Choose To Be

This is not a political post, so don’t go reading something into it, and please don’t put words in my mouth, it’s unsanitary. I hear people using the word “entitlement” a lot. I’m all for entitlement. We are each blessed with unique abilities and skills. Yet few people take the time to identify them and leverage them to their fullest. Regardless of your age, investing the time to figure out what are your greatest strengths, is one of the wisest things you’ll ever do. And then, you’re entitled to build on those strengths more and more. You are entitled to figure out how to use those gifts to deliver the most value to the world. You will be sought out for your uniqueness and well rewarded for it. You are entitled to succeed to whatever level you choose. You are entitled to become the best version of yourself that you …

To Engage People On Social Media Ask More Questions

Online or offline, people are the same. Human nature doesn’t change. Many people and organizations are trying to gain traction in Social Media and they’re missing the boat. They often think that if they talk more, they’ll get people’s attention. This is a rookie mistake. It’s like dating. If you just talk about yourself all the time, the other person will smile politely while looking for an exit. Think of the word “engaging.” As in “to engage.” We engage when we come up for air and let the other person talk. Develop the habit of asking better questions. Don’t do like new salespeople do with the whole say it and spray it mentality. Be more engaging. Ask more questions. And then sincerely listen.

Manners Never Go Out Of Style

We’re all very busy running hard. Since it’s so easy to take things out of context online without the facial expressions, tone, and all the other body language signals we normally see offline, it serves us well to err on the side of politeness. I’ve written about this before, but it bears repeating. Say please and thank you when you’re online. If you haven’t spoken to someone in a long time, or perhaps ever, how hard is it to start a message with “Hi, long time no talk….” or “I know you’re busy so I’ll be brief….” or how about just a “Hello….”? At the risk of sounding overly sensitive, when someone starts asking you questions or tries to get your attention without even a polite hello, don’t they realize that they’re starting the communication completely on the wrong foot? I guess not, because so many folks have no netiquette …

You’d Better Be Working On Your Social Sales Skills

I’m blessed to speak to and train sales forces all over the USA and internationally on a weekly basis on how best to leverage Social Media for lead generation, client acquisition, top of mind awareness and a number of other sales-related functions. Even after doing this for many years, I am reminded on a daily basis that regardless of an individual’s or an organization’s understanding of Social Media, they better have some very good sales skills. I can’t tell you how many entrepreneurs and small business owners (and large organizations, too) have an incredible product or service but they aren’t getting the traction they should in the marketplace. Without blaming the economy or any other number of things, which are all really excuses, the bottom line is that they and/or their people better be sharpening their sales skills just as much as they’re sharpening their Social Media skills. Here’s a …