Choose To Be Grateful In Biz And You’ll Have More To Be Grateful In Biz For

An often overlooked component of a successful business is gratitude. Anyone who has had some success in biz understands that you better make the customer or client happy through the sales process. And for most businesses, that’s where they end. Once the deal is consummated, product purchased, etc., they probably couldn’t pick their client out of a line-up.

How do you show your gratitude to your clients on an ongoing basis? Do they feel the love? If so, for how long? What if you expressed your gratitude in some way and continued to do so over time? I’m not talking about in a weird, stalker-like way. I’m talking about in a way that’s sincere and keeps you top of mind. What if after they became your client, you remembered something unique from the sales or on boarding process and politely reminded them of that and thanked them for it. What if you thanked them again for being your customer long after the money has exchanged hands? And then again?

What if you took some time to sit quietly and think about something regarding your client that you’re thankful for? And if you can’t think of something, perhaps that’s an indication that you really don’t know your client, which means you don’t have a relationship with them, you had a transaction with them. Which means you’ll have to replace them with another client whom you’ll have a transaction with until you figure out that it’s better to build stronger relationships with your clients and retain them, and receive and exchange referrals with them instead of just refilling the pipeline with more transactions.

The more you can find to be grateful for in every client relationship and the more you share that with your clients, the more you’re going to be grateful for. Because all things being equal, people do business with and refer business to people they know, like, and trust. And it’s real hard to not be knowable, likeable, and trustable when you’re expressing gratitude.


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  1. Crystalee

    Kevin, I literally have a post in the queue for my blog called, “The surprising power of nice notes.” (Coming out this next week) I completely agree with you! Overlooking gratitude and kind words keeps those gifts from others, and you miss out on being as happy as you could be.

    Thanks for sharing this – and you live up to being “knowable, likable and trustable.”

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