It's been very gratifying to deliver speaking and training engagements to hundreds of companies, associations, and organizations and tens of thousands of people over the years. I'm blessed to have more than 1810+ individually hand-written, client testimonials on my LinkedIn Profile which is actually far, far more than any of the other 375,000,000 LinkedIn users worldwide. Here are some of my recent testimonials:

A couple of things are true for me:
(1) It's likely that nothing I write here is new or different from what other people have written about Kevin.
(2) It's really important that each of us share what is true for us.
(3) Enough about me! Let's talk about Kevin. I first saw him at a financial services conference, and I'm now using his new 17-hour video program. Kevin is dynamic, friendly, open, kind, generous, supportive, positive, engaging, caring, interested in others, selfless, willing to go the extra mile, funny, wise, enthusiastic, and fun. Given all that, here's a recipe for success: take Kevin's positive characteristics above, add his genuine and sincere desire to serve other people and life, add his years of experience in sales, and finally add many years of experience on LinkedIn and Twitter. Although I have only just started on Kevin's program, I can clearly see the path to success and why it works so well. I would go so far as to say that following Kevin's program is a guarantee to success in sales and in life. I could go on and on in my praise for Kevin, but I'll end with this: he gives out his own personal cell phone number and email address, and asks you to contact him directly for support! How amazing is that! It's my deep pleasure and privilege to know Kevin, and I would go so far as to say that I trust him with my life.

Michael G.  Director of Business Development, Grassi Investment Management

As everyone knows the digital space is constantly changing and it's important to make sure that you leverage experts in certain areas to emphasize the importance of how it could impact a franchisee's business. LinkedIn is one of those resources in the digital space that can provide additional value to our franchisees and Kevin was invited to our Cottman National Convention to speak directly about LinkedIn and the opportunity it could bring to their bottom line. Kevin is a very engaging speaker and I love how he uses humor to connect to with his audience. Kevin's message was very well received by the franchisees and I would certainly recommend Kevin for additional speaking opportunities based on this experience.

Derik B. - Vice President of Digital Marketing, Cottman Transmission and Total Auto Care

Kevin spoke at a function for my company several years ago. I still utilize the information provided and refer back to the principles he outlined. Thanks Kevin! You have helped me stay on track.

Jonna W.  State Farm Owner

Kevin is one of the most dynamic and engaging speakers I've ever heard, and I was privileged to have him speak to our financial advisors at Cetera Financial Group on multiple occasions. He was one of our highest-rated educators for multiple reasons, but mainly because he truly knows his stuff & his audience! There is no one I would recommend more to speak both within the financial services industry & otherwise than Mr. Kevin Knebl.

Vikki B. - Principal at b's advisor consulting

I had the pleasure of attending a seminar Kevin held on how to get the most out of LinkedIn in order to achieve goals. What a revelation! In a short amount of time, Kevin conveyed succinct, actionable tips with humor, candor and a style that was brilliant in it's simplicity. If you feel you're missing out on what LI can help you accomplish, seek Kevin out!

Sophie J. - Independent Consultant | Executive Coach | Hiring Advisor | Board Member

Kevin was AMAZING!!! Not only was the material fresh and impactful, his delivery has more energy, fun and enthusiasm than an sales presentation I have ever attended.You have got to talk to him if you want to energize your relationship building process!!!

Jim K. - SVP & Chief Marketing Officer - Program Services at State National Companies

Kevin is one of the most talented men I've been priviledged to meet. When it comes to social media, he is one of the true pioneers. He is an excellent speaker, trainer and knows the BEST ways to maximize LinkedIn and FaceBook for business. Any company using social media should tap into Kevin's expertise.

Chris M.  Customer Relations/Business Development, Medisystems

One of the best speaker I have heard on using linkedin. Really knows his stuff. Looking forward to using linkedin more now that I have learned a few things.

David S.  Financial Services

Beyond everything else that IS Kevin Knebl, he is a man of his word. In his seminar, he asks you to email him so that he can prove that he does what he says. I tested him and he didn't just send me a courtesy reply, which would be understandable given his travel and speaking schedule. No, Kevin took the time to personalize the message to help me get just a little better. I couldn't give this guy a higher recommendation.

Bill K. - President, IFC, LLC

Within the last week, I was lucky to attend one of Kevin's workshops. I felt that I was very saavy with LinkedIn but I was totally blown away by the things that I learned in the short amount of time. If you get a chance to work with Kevin, shut your mouth, open your ears, and make sure that your pen has plenty of ink. You are only wasting your time if you aren't listening intently.

Cory D. - Retirement Income Planner, Insurance Advisor, Financial Accountability Partner, Financial & Investment Advisor

Dapper and distinguished, Kevin Knebl provides more practical content in an hour than other speakers and experts deliver in a day! He is the genuine article and willingly shared his knowledge of using Linked In as a dynamic relationship building tool. Where will those relationships take you in your business? That's up to you but even there Kevin has tested methods and techniques to help you get the discussion started and moving towards a mutually beneficial business relationship. Awesome.

Paul G. - Marketing Vice President, National Western Life

Hi Kevin, I am happy to say that I enjoyed your presentation at the event I attended for Tommie. You were entertaining, had excellent clues for using Linkedin, and I continue to use the package of information about Linkedin as I create my image through transition coaching. I recently was asked to do a talk show as a result of an interview I did that came from my advertising online.

Alice S.  Dream Cue

Mr. Knebl's presentation was magnificent. I am just starting to use LinkedIn and it can feel overwhelming to take on a new platform. However, Kevin's focused presentation was directed at using LinkedIn as a valuable extension to my current databases. He didn't try to teach us every bell and whistle available rather he humanized it and presented the power LinkedIn has to develop quality business relationships.

Amy T. - Too Haute Cowgirls Confections, Co-founder, Partner

Kevin was one of the best presenters I have ever heard. His combination of humor with great actionable content kept me at the edge of my seat. He is someone to pay attention to if you ever have a chance to see him present. From the stage you can tell he is genuine and sincere and cares deeply about your personal success. I cannot wait to see him present again.

Greg H.  President/Founder, Hurley Wealth Management Group

Kevin had a very informative presentation focusing on social media and marketing practices in general. I was able to immediately apply his recommendations and his presentation style is very entertaining.

Ian C.  Personal Financial Advisor, Capital Advantage, Inc.

Kevin is the most informative person on social media connecting and marketing. His perspective on the subject has changed my reach and scope tremendously. Thank you Kevin.

Philip B.  CEO, 1on1financial

Kevin presented ideas to strengthen my processes along a path that is smoother and makes more sense. Always like to follow the Golden Rule - it's the perfect business model.

Mary Beth S.  CEO, Merchant Savers

Kevin's presentations on relationship marketing at FPA NorCal Conferene is refreshing and resonates with our business model as a fee-only financial planner, which is based on mutually beneficial relationship that builds naturally. Kevin demonstrated the success of the this model and introduced techniques to execute it. To top it off, it was also the most entertaining presentation! I am looking forward to the success from practicing his wisdom!

Wan M.  Financial Planner, Reliable Alliance Financial, LLC

I met Kevin Knebl (not the silent K like Knob) at Patrick Snow's Best Seller Publishing Institute in Denver. His "High-Tech/High-Touch" Presentation was the highlight of the seminar. His discussion, though filled with humor was not a non-stop, forced, comedy act you find with some speakers (those that are all laugh and no substance). Kevin claims he is not a "Social Media Expert," since he prefers the concept of Social Networking, instead of the more common term of Social Media. Though many 'Experts" may know structure of LinkedIn better, few know how to use it as effectively as Kevin does.
Not only is Kevin's delivery exceptional, the content of what he has to offer is superior. His explanation on the importance of the using continued and original contact (as opposed to stalking) with prospective clients was eye-opening. Also, 'His ideas on the importance of the 'Pay It Forward' mentality is inspirational. Though I have heard or seen several of the methods Kevin discussed before, his presentation on how to gain optimum results was far superior to anything I have ever been exposed to before.After hearing Kevin's presentation, it is no wonder that he is the most recommended speaker in the world. I know I, for one, highly recommend him.

Daniel C.  Professional Keynote Speaker

Kevin gave one of the keynote talks at FPA NorCal. Of course, I attended it, but I'd planned on attending a variety of more specifically financial and/or technical talks during the breakout sessions. His keynote talk changed my mind. I got a lot out of it, and needed to hear more. Kevin's funny, entertaining, and while there are technical issues, he makes sure that you understand that they are not the point. He truly gets to the heart of the matter - the technology may help, but the key is the connections to /people/. It's about having those relationships, and all the little, simple (but not necessarily easy - because if it was easy, everyone would do it!) things one needs to do to nurture those relationships. His presentation was both a pleasure to attend, and a reminder of so many important things about what we do. I highly recommend Kevin.

David M.  President, Meyers Wealth Management

It's rare that you come across a maestro like Kevin. Over the past year, I've watched him orchestrate various social networks into COMMUNITIES of knowledge, sharing, entertainment and, well, value. And, what he's done for his clients Fuggedaboutit. I'm a busy lady and he did not ask me to write this. Check him out... you'll see why!

Sarah C.  Interactive Marketing Manager, WithumSmith+Brown

I got to hear Kevin speak at a women's networking group. He was fantastic -- warm, funny, engaging I really appreciated his advice and look forward to reading his books. I highly recommend Kevin as a speaker.

Jamie S.  Director of Outreach and Prearranged Funeral Planning, Feldman Mortuary

Kevin's presentation was excellent and covered a lot of material in a short time. The webinar was organized well and easy to follow, and Kevin's presentation style is engaging and informative. I look forward to learning more from Kevin!

David M. - General Counsel/Compliance Officer, Franciscan Hospital for Children

Kevin gave an exhilarating presentation on Linked In and how to use this tool to create massive success. I lvoeed how open and honest he was about the sales process and how the pay it forward model has created the relationships needed to be a huge success. Kevin taught me how to use the search tool in Linked In to find my right client and also to find people I can help as well. Thank you Kevin I can't wait to hear you speak again.

Renee G. Solution Specialist

I recently had the privilege of hearing Kevin speak in Houston at Transamerica Coaching Forum. His insight into LinkedIn and how it can virtually help any business was amazing. I have started to implement many of his suggestions and I look forward to seeing great results. If you get a chance to see him, take it!

Keith B. - President/Founder, Spartan Wealth Management LLC

Kevin's quick humor and deep knowledge of LinkedIn is unmatched! He knows all the nooks and crannies of maximizing your impact on LinkedIn - whether you're an entrepreneur like me, a sales person or a job hunter! If you get the opportunity to see him speak - don't miss him! You'll walk away with new knowledge, new tricks and new ways to grow your prospect list!

Kami G. Life & Leadership Empowerment Coach

Many years ago I invented the manifestation of "The Whole Ball O' Wax" - an expression which has survived the ravages of time - and means, essentially, "all there is, there is no more." Kevin IS, essentially, "The Whole Ball O' Wax," as he has become, over the years, the TOTAL person. Gifted, talented, outspoken, a sincere contribution to anyone he encounters, personally or professionally. I have never known anyone else who deserves that distinction. I recommend him and that which he provides - absolutely!

James B. - Certified Bank On Yourself Advisor

Kevin's presentation at the FPA conference on relationship marketing was funny and action packed! His ideas on how to connect with people are unique and easy to implement. I would recommend working with him or seeing him speak, if you get the opportunity!

Trevor K. Financial Services

Kevin's presentations were nothing short of excellent. He is extremely knowledgeable and professional while he delivers his message in an entertaining and upbeat manner. The insight he provides is intuitive and personable and his advice is highly valuable.

Athena S. - Investment Advisor Representative & Chief Compliance Officer, Attentive Investment Managers, Inc.

Kevin is amazing I learned a ton from him about Linked In. I especially like how he spoke to us he was very candid and to the point also very funny. What a great guy. Thanks Kevin I can't wait to see you again soon.

Renee G. CEO World Changers International

I recently heard Kevin speak (twice!) at the FPA NorCal conference in San Francisco. He was fantastic! Not only is he engaging and passionate, he is funny! He was inspirational to me and I definitely walked away with many to-do's. I can't wait to hear him speak again soon!

Megan T. - Associate Financial Planner, Mosaic Financial Partners

Kevin gave a presentation at the FPA NorCal Conference that I attended and it was a breath of fresh air. He has a natural ability to draw in his audience and keep them entertained, but more importantly he provided concrete, actionable tools that I have already begun implementing. Thank you Kevin!

Sean K. - Managing Partner - CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER, Affinity Capital Advisors

I saw Kevin speak at the FPA's Norcal convention. He delivers a powerful message that amps up the audience and makes what many financial advisors consider impossible (getting business through social media) seem not only attainable but completely attainable. After his keynote, I found myself revved up with a high of optimism that stretched all the way through the conference, not even being damped by lectures on tax regulation updates. Super!

Leslie V. - Marketing & Communications Manager, Mosaic Financial Partners

I just saw/heard Kevin TWICE at the FPA NorCal Conference in northern California. Not only was Kevin a terrific speaker, he was highly motivating...and it's clear that he practices what he preaches...which means I'm going to go back to my notes and put his ideas into place! I found his ideas to not only be easy to implement, but actually understandable for the average non-techie person.

I saw him deliver a keynote presentation to over 500 people (fast and furiously taking notes) as well as a standing-room only breakout session to 200 of the same people...you know someone has to be good when you voluntarily go to hear him twice. I would highly recommend him as a speaker, and as a coach, for developing marketing strategies. He's very good at what he does...and very likeable at the same time.

Laurie N. Principal, Shira Ridge Wealth Management

Kevin gave a really compelling presentation on how to increase business using the Linked In tool at the recent Financial Planning Association conference. We are implementing his suggestions and expect great things!

Doug T. - Affinity Capital Advisors

I had the pleasure to attend Kevin's presentation and it was the most informative, inspiring and engaging session that I've been to. Kevin is sincere about helping everyone succeed.

Salina Y. - Principal and Senior Relationship Manager, Hall Capital Partners

I recently saw Kevin speak at the FPA NorCal Conference in San Francisco and thought he did a great job of sharing new material on how to better utilize many of the unfamiliar LinkedIn resources. Well worth the energy and time spent seeing him in person!

Matt B. - Vice President, Financial Advisor Consultant, American Century Investments

Kevin has impressive skills to keep a crowd entertained and learning all at once. He kept the group interested and focused even when the internet went down and his main platform for focus was disrupted.

Bethany K. - Program Manager | Executive Asst.

Wasn't sure what to expect from the presentation, but have changed my whole philosophy on LinkedIn and how it can impact by business and on how I can make it work within my moral and ethical philosophy.

Jim D. - Owner and Operator Cottman Transmission in Colorado

Kevin does a great job of educating and giving actionable steps to improve how you communicate with others via social media. I would recommend him to anyone who wants to improve how they show up online.

Clayton O. Financial Services

Kevin is a phenomenal speaker. In todays world, much of the information out there is repetitive and uninspiring. Kevin's ideas are original and engaging and have changed the way I think about people and my assertiveness for staying in contact with people. Kevin has many friends because of who he is and I hope to remain in contact with Kevin.

Jarrett B. President, Bullzeri Internet Marketing

At the conference of the Western Association of Advisors for the Health Professions in April 2015, I attended a training session and a keynote address on using LinkedIn by Kevin Knebl. At these sessions I not only learned to improve my online communication skills but I was inspired to be friendlier with people. Ever since I returned to work from the conference at which Kevin spoke, people have been asking me, What is going on? I am an introvert and I often forgot to look at people and say hello. Just remembering to greet the people near me in my personal space has made a difference in my work place happiness. He was well received and the break out session he did the day following his keynote address was well attended. He really makes a difference! He inspired me! I am doing better in communicating with colleagues and professionals because of him. I really believe all professionals could benefit from what he has to teach and share.

Danita R. Career Counselor

Kevin is an enthusiastic and engaging speaker. He made me realize how much more I can do with my LinkedIn account and was one of the highlights of the convention I attended.

Holly H. - Graphic Designer, American Driveline Systems, Inc.

Kevin is an informative and entertaining speaker. His insights are invaluable to increasing the quality and quantity of your relationships for personal and financial gain.

Steven W. Wilkinson Wealth Management

I attended a one-hour webinar that Kevin gave on June 11, 2015 at the request of Kami Guildner, Syzygy. The topic was how to utilize Linked In. Kevin is a true Linked In expert as one of the "originals", and in the short amount of time we had, I learned how to better utilize Linked In for my professional needs. There is so much more to learn, but I now know that Kevin will be an invaluable resource if and when I have additional needs and questions.

Ellen W.

I saw Kevin speak at a Financial Planning Association conference, and his presentation was educational as well as thoroughly enjoyable. I would highly recommend him to anyone looking for a great speaker!

Ted H. - Vice President, Advanced Wealth Management

Awesome speaker.......gives great content!

Brian L. CEO, JC & Co.

I attended Kevin's workshop, and came away with a dozen (maybe more) ideas that I can immediately implement to take my business to the next level. He is truly an expert on all things LinkedIn, and makes the subject fun with his sense of humor and great presentation skills.

David K. Capital Source Solutions, LLC

Kevin has the rare ability to combine humor, acting and meaningful content in a presentation. He kept the audience at the edge of their seats. They were nodding and smiling for two hours. It was a classic case of under promising and over delivering.

Sheldon H. Investment Management

I attended a presentation by Kevin Knebl at the Western Association of Advisors for the Health Professionals (WAAHP) Conference in San Diego, CA. I thoroughly enjoyed Kevin's personable demeanor and tangible advice on how to use LinkedIn in an effective manner. I found Kevin easy to relate to, kind, and professional. I would highly recommend Kevin to energize your professional conference or meeting.

Karen G. - Assistant Director of the Utah Center for Rural Health

I attended Kevin's seminar early this week and was amazed at all the things I did not know LinkedIn could be helping me do. As soon as the session ended, I started implementing some of the suggestions Kevin had recommended. I almost immediately started seeing better results than I had ever received.

I then went to Kindle and bought Kevin's book. I am looking forward to dedicating time each day to improve my use of the LinkedIn tool.

Thanks for your guidance.

Scott W. Partner, Covenant Technology Partners
Many thanks to you for your words of wisdom in the "new" age of social media! After hearing you for the 2nd time I followed your advice and am up and running.... Here's to your continued success and your willingness to help.

Allen P. - Owner and Co-Founder, Orion Financial, LLC

I had the great fortune to hire Kevin to conduct a seminar for our team on leveraging social networking (specifically LinkedIn) for our business. Even better, I was able to participate in the seminar. Kevin's presentation was absolutely outstanding. He clarified the objectives upfront (ensuring his content was relevant to us), tailored his content, pace and detail of information to the team assembled (seemingly on the fly), was personable, humorous, engaging and EXTREMELY informative. Even better, I have already seen the impact of his presentation on our team. His content is relevant and 100% actionable. Kevin's presentation was probably the best investment our company has made in the past 6 months. I would strongly endorse Kevin to anyone curious as to how to leverage the emerging social networking tools to grow their business, establish their company brand (as well as their personal brand) and grow their business through personal networking. I anticipate significant ROI from this investment. Thank you Kevin. You rock!

David Hyatt -President, Corvirtus, LLC

Kevin Knebl is my Hero! Knebl Communication's class on LinkedIn has significantly reduced the timeline for bringing the new Murphy Company Branch on line. Kevin is a strong communicator, giving clear direction utilizing outstanding techniques that hold your attention and achieve results. His strategic thinking, practical, clear direction allows him to communicate the tasking that can be easily applied to every type of business. This promotes a quicker return on your investment. The relationship that I have developed through LinkedIn from his seminar has already allowed me to win a $500,000.00 project with a brand new customer without competition! Finding this individual and developing a relationship through standard networking practices would have taken a year or more. The timeline was dramatically shortened. I have recently taken an additional class from Kevin that has expanded my knowledge and use of this valuable tool. This class too was outstanding! I consider it an honor to call him a colleague and friend. His friendly cheerful manner makes his programs just that much better!

Vicki C. -Account Manager at Murphy Company

At our sales meeting this morning, the 30+year Executive Sales people were asked What could the new salespeople be doing to develop their business The immediate reply was Spend 100% of their time doing everything Kevin Knebl was talking about this weekend. This is a major endorsement coming from the guys who Kicked It Old School standing in lobbies wondering: is anyone going to talk to me these salespeople saw instantly how Kevin's training on Social Media will accelerate the relationship development process. They also noted the ability to track online attention that our competition may be getting. They get it not just the new computer-savvy kids, but also the guys who spent miles behind the windshield, banging on doors and combatting the gatekeepers. The relationship building focus of Kevin's seminar eclipses the technology aspect, putting the technology in its place as the relationship building tool that it is. Thank you! Having known Kevin throughout 15 years, I can attribute my personal success in large part to his mentoring, his teaching and his example. I can attribute much of my personal and business success directly to him because I use his tools and steal his best lines every day!

Paul Yost -President, Sutherland Packaging, Inc.

Myself and a few other people from our firm attended Kevin's Linkedin and Twitter class. We saw such a huge value in this that we immediately asked Kevin to customize a presentation for our firm and fly down to Texas to present it. Being in the financial services industry, we have many special considerations when it comes to implementing a social media strategy. Kevin worked closely with us to ensure we were taking full advantage of the benefits while remaining compliant. For anyone embarking on a social media strategy for their firm, I would highly recommend attending one of Kevin's seminars. He was professional, fun, and extremely knowledgeable. Our company has benefited greatly from his teachings.

Bart Daniel -Senior Vice-President, Advisors Asset Management, Inc.

Recently I attended one of Kevin's talks on the benefits that Social Media can provide to a business. Linking In is one thing, but using it to add to your business's bottom line is quite another. Kevin showed me how to build meaningful business relationships, how to connect with people who need and want my products and services, and gain increased visibility for my business. If you haven't attended one of Kevin's talks or classes you need to. It opens up a whole new world of opportunity that is otherwise passing you by.

Eric J. -Owner, Minuteman Press

I attended Kevin's class on social networking using LinkedIn. I have also used Kevin for individual consultation regarding LinkedIn and Twitter. I am truly amazed that a single person has amassed the knowledge that Kevin has at his finger tips. He knows so much about this stuff, it is almost like trying to drink from a fire hose when you hear him talk about it. However, he does have a talent for breaking it down into simple terms and making it easy to understand. Kevin has provided me with invaluable ways to use LinkedIn and Twitter to further my business. After hearing him speak or meeting with him in person, the anticipation of implementing what Kevin has recommended makes it hard to sleep at night until his recommendations are all put into practice. I highly recommend Kevin for training and consultation on all of your social networking needs. I will definitely continue using Kevin for his expertise in that area.

Mike D. -Attorney

I had the good fortune to recently attend a Linkedin presentation by Kevin. Though the level of content covered could be considered basic, I found the session very informative and came away inspired with new ideas. While most classes in Linkedin focus on method and systematic processes, Kevin offers more of an approach a road map or guide. Beyond mere technique, you'll find a new way of thinking about creating and nurturing professional relationships online and offline. I recommend Kevin wholeheartedly.

Ted Y. -Accomplished Multi-Channel, Email, Ecommerce, Database, and Direct Marketing Professional

I've just returned from one of Kevin's seminars for the second time, bringing a colleague this time. Kevin is simply one of those professionals that you can trust and count on to provide a wealth of information directly, concisely and in a comfortable and enjoyable environment. There was as much usable information the second time as there was the first. His business serving manner reflects his heart and willingness to help others. Kevin comfortably embraces his relationships and professional manner, which is demonstrated by the unqualified success he achieves in his business endeavors. Kevin's creativity, attention to detail and understanding of his speaking subject makes it very easy to recommend him for ALL of your public speaking and training needs.

Dick H. G. -Owner/Co-Founder at My Dream Trips, LLC

Kevin's is extremely knowledgeable in business and professional networking and communications. More importantly, he has a unique ability to relate his expertise to an audience. Even though I thought I was well versed in networking, Ken was able to give me new insights into more effectively utilizing LinkedIn in a very short period of time.

Chuck T. -President High Plains Consulting Group, LLC

I came away from Kev's LinkedIn networking presentation wishing that it would never end. In the limited timeframe, Kev presented key strategies, techniques and resources that helped me broaden my networking connections. Off the many practices discussed, I was impressed by the words what I can do for you instead of what you can do for me. Kev's ability to talk intelligently and hold his audiences attention is a gift. I'd recommend any presentation that Kev is offering. He's worth listening to.

Elaine T. -Office Manager at EFA Services, Inc.

Communication is essential for business. There are a few who can teach effective communication, but I know of only Kevin Knebl who can do so with creativity. His techniques inspire people to make any business connection beneficial and enjoyable. Truly, any business would greatly benefit from listening to what he has to say.

DeEon W. -University Student

I attended Knebl Communication's LinkedIn Training webinar and was blown away by the additional information I learned in this short period of time that will enable me to continue to professionally sell in today's market. Although I thought I knew how to navigate and utilize the Linked-In site, Kevin showed me three tricks that instantly enabled me to approach my prospects more professionally and improved my ability to communicate on a more personable level. In today's day and age when relationships mean everything and every advantage helps when within the final three feet, this course instantly provides assistance in improving a sales persons effectiveness in that space. I highly recommend taking this course to improve your professional sales capabilities. This is the second type of course that I have attended on social media, and the difference with Kevin's content is that he gets it meaning he understands the value of the data and how to help utilize that knowledge as an additional part of how we need to be communicating in a professional business to business setting, instead of just farming the data and spamming into internet space. Invest in this seminar, the message and the impact will be immediate.

Mark T. -Solution Sales Professional

I heartily recommend Kevin Knebl as a consultant for networking training, including effective use of LinkedIn as a networking tool. Kevin met with the staff of my company in Pittsburgh PA, Civil & Environmental Consultants, Inc. Kevin began by outlining keys to effective interpersonal relationships, then detailed how LinkedIn can work to improve outreach for the benefit of everyone. If you can meet Kevin in person and have him speak to your group.

John B. -Project Manager at Civil & Environmental Consultants, Inc.

Kevin Knebl at Knebl Communications did an awesome job training us on the use of Linked In for our business. I went in to the training with no idea of how to use the system, and feeling a bit overwhelmed at just the thought. Kevin set us at ease right away. He was very interesting and quite entertaining, and I walked away with the tools I needed and had a great time learning. If you are looking for group training, I would highly recommend Kevin!

Gail P. -Claims Specialist at Benefit Resources, Inc.

I recently had the opportunity to hear Kevin present on the topic of social networking. Although I was familiar with the applications (LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter), Kevin really provided us with a deeper understanding of the power that these applications hold for businesses. In addition, Kevin is extremely personable and has a great sense of humor. I would highly recommend Kevin to anyone that wants to become more familiar with the role of social networks in a business or professional environment.

Karen Y. -Director, Administrative Services at El Paso Corporation


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