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Kevin Knebl speaks to, trains, coaches and consults with businesses, organizations, associations and small, medium and Fortune 500 companies on Social Media for Sales (Social Selling), Relationship Marketing, LinkedIn and Twitter. His client list includes State Farm, Lorman, The Wall Street Journal Office Network, Transamerica, Gartner, Dale Carnegie, Quiznos, Herman Miller, CoreNet, RE/MAX, Grubb & Ellis, Advisors Asset Management, Staples, Brokers International, Harris IT Services, NACVA, Cushman & Wakefield, IntelliTec Colleges, Schriever AFB, First Allied Securities and Standard & Poors among hundreds of other companies.

His style has been described as a blend of comedian, therapist and stimulating teacher. Kevin customizes every engagement to address the audience at hand, and he adjusts during the presentation to match the level of comprehension as he goes along. Here is a brief biography of Kevin Knebl.
He has over 20 years experience in interpersonal skills training, sales, networking and related areas of expertise.

Kevin is recognized as a leading authority on LinkedIn and has trained hundreds of organizations and tens of thousands of individuals on the most effective uses of LinkedIn since 2003. Kevin also has more Recommendations (1600+) on his LinkedIn profile than anyone else in the world among over 300,000,000 LinkedIn users.

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Speaking & Training Topics

Kevin can speak and train on a number of topics. Here are some suggestions to jog your mind and get you thinking about how Kevin can add massive value to your business, organization or association:

Social Selling for Huge Sales Success

This presentation is designed to educate organizations and their salespeople about the current state of Social Media for Sales from a non-technical perspective. Kevin educates businesses and organizations on how social software aligns with their sales and business strategies. This presentation enables attendees to understand the relevance of Social Media in sales from a lead generation, brand management, visibility, client acquisition referral creation, strategic alliance and revenue growth perspective. Case studies are delivered which provide quantifiable results in this constantly evolving medium. Kevin covers this topic from the 10,000 feet level all the way down to the step-by-step, depending on audience and need. Book Kevin to Speak

Basic to Advanced LinkedIn for Huge Sales Success Boot Camp

LinkedIn is the worlds largest Business Networking platform with over 300,000,000 users and more than three new professionals joining per second. Since 2003, Kevin has trained tens of thousands of professionals and businesses on the most effective uses of LinkedIn as a lead generation, business development, brand management and revenue producing tool. He also has more Recommendations (1600+) on his LinkedIn profile than anyone else in the world, regardless of industry.
This exciting 90-minute to half-day, in-depth training session will teach your company or organization:

  • Why LinkedIn should be a strategic component of your business process
  • How to create robust profiles that highlight you and your business
  • How to identify and connect with prospective clients, customers, networking partners and strategic alliances
  • Methods of communicating with millions of people that result in greater visibility for you and your business
  • How to showcase your credibility and add value to your network
  • The art of building and converting online relationships into offline business, which leads to long-term success and revenue growth

At the end of the day, long-term business success has always been and always will be about relationships. Whether online or offline, people are the same, only the technology changes. Learn the strategies and methodologies used to leverage this amazing business tool.Book Kevin to Speak

High Tech/High Touch Relationship Marketing

In a more and more interconnected, over-caffeinated, hyper-competitive, always-on, 24/7/365, CrackBerry world, how do we stay top of mind with our prospects, clients, referral sources and networking partners Spamming and stalking are not the answer. Showing appreciation and adding value win out over self promotion every time. Companies today are squandering millions of dollars searching for the elusive Holy Grail, when it's as simple, and inexpensive as taking a sincere interest and a little human touch.
All things being equal, people do business with and refer business to people they know, like, and trust. This presentation teaches how implementing a High Tech/High Touch Relationship Marketing System into your business sets you apart from the masses Book Kevin to Speak

Online and Offline Networking for Huge Sales Success

For over a decade Kevin Knebl has been speaking to and teaching organizations how to leverage their everyday contacts into a never-ending stream of new prospects. Using his highly effective relationship cultivation procedures, new contacts are converted into lifelong clients, customers, strategic partners and referral ambassadors.
He teaches the non-manipulative art of positive persuasion. Throughout the presentation, Kevin draws on a theme that defines great relationships, solid business culture and innovation: Abundance vs. Scarcity. Increasing your TOMAto Factor (Top of Mind Awareness through others) results in people wanting to business with you and refer business to you. Book Kevin to Speak

Basic to Advanced Twitter for Huge Sales Success Boot Camp

Twitter is the world's best real-time business tool. People unfamiliar with Twitter tend to think that it's about 15 year olds talking about Kim Kardashian, Sponge Bob and what they had for lunch. In reality, businesses are strategically using Twitter to identify potential clients, alliances and partnerships among many other business purposes. This exciting training workshop will teach you how to tap into this amazing stream of information while positioning you and your business as a thought leader in your industry and the go-to resource of choice.
Twitter is not a pet rock, mood ring, or hula-hoop. It's a business tool that when leveraged correctly opens up visibility to over 500,000,000 real-time conversations which can be strategically monitored for lead generation, business development, brand management and public relations purposes. Book Kevin to Speak

And Many, Many More

The topics we can come up with are varied, and can be customized to meet your organization's needs. If you see even a glimpse of something you were hoping to find here, contact me, and we can make it work for you. Variations on the theme abound, but these are easy starter suggestions. Mix and match as you see fit. Book Kevin to Speak

Knebl Communications, LLC is very accommodating and can work within most budgets. Most engagements are typically booked 3-24 months in advance, but sometimes the planets align and even engagements with short notice can work within Kevin's schedule.
To discuss more details, please call (719) 650-7659 or email kevin@kevinknebl.com.


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