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How To Master The Power Of LinkedIn & Twitter For Maximum Results And Profits Streaming Video Training Course (4 hours)


This two-hour training (broken into chapters based on my proven and highly profitable LinkedIn principles, strategies, and routines) will equip you with basic and advanced uses of LinkedIn. LinkedIn is the worlds premier business social networking site with over 375,000,000 members.Proactive business people can't afford to ignore this tremendous business tool. Learn how to create a robust profile and how to navigate your network, increase your presence online and in your local market, become the go-to person in your industry, while growing your profits.

These videos cover:

  • What LinkedIn is and why it should be an important part of your business and marketing strategy
  • How LinkedIn works including LinkedIn netiquette
  • How to create an effective profile showcasing your credibility
  • How to most effectively send and receive invitations in order to grow your network
  • Strategies for identifying and connecting with the best prospects, clients, networking partners, and strategic alliances for your business
  • How to integrate LinkedIn into your overall sales and marketing activity in less than 30 minutes per day
  • Much, much more

twitter_packageTwitter is one of the world's best real-time business tools. People unfamiliar with Twitter tend to think that it's about 15 year olds talking about what they had for lunch. In reality, businesses are strategically using Twitter to identify potential clients, alliances and partnerships among many other business purposes. This exciting training will teach you how to tap into this amazing stream of information while positioning yourself and your business as a thought leader in your industry and the go-to resource of choice.

After watching these videos (two-hours broken into chapters based on my proven and highly profitable Twitter principles, strategies, and routines) you will be ready to take advantage of this incredibly fast growing Social Networking platform in order to increase your visibility, showcase your credibility and significantly grow your revenues.


One time investment of $197
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Social Selling & Relationship Marketing Mastery Training Course (17 hours)

I love working with Business Owners, Salespeople, Financial Advisors, Coaches, and many other types of Business Professionals in a one-to-one coaching relationship. Due to my near constant speaking and travel schedule all around the world on a weekly basis, I'm not able to work with as many people one-to-one as I'd like. So I've created my 17-hour"Social Selling & Relationship Marketing Mastery Training Course".

This 17-hour training course is the Holy Grail of Social Selling and Relationship Marketing. It's broken into 25 chapters which you can watch again and again from anywhere in the world with an Internet connection. My corporate clients and my one-to-one Social Selling & Relationship Marketing Coaching clients invest significant money to be taught this information and in this self-study training course you have access to the same content at a fraction of the normal investment.

This fast-paced and humorous streaming video training course includes:

Social Selling & Relationship Marketing Introduction and Overview (1 hour)

LinkedIn (9 hours)

  • Account Settings
  • Profile Optimization
  • Adding Connections
  • Alumni
  • Strategically Accepting Invitations
  • Advanced People Search
  • Advanced People Search (Saved Search)
  • Advanced People Search (Approach)
  • Groups
  • Status Updates
  • Posts
  • Who's Viewed Your Profile
  • Endorsements & Recommendations
  • Advertising
  • Sales Navigator

Twitter (4 hours)

  • Overview
  • Tweeting & Search
  • Lists
  • Hootsuite
  • Daily Standard Operating Procedures
  • Twellow
  • Follow Friday

High-Tech/High-Touch Relationship Marketing System (3 hours)

  • High-Tech/High-Touch Relationship Marketing System: Part 1
  • High-Tech/High-Touch Relationship Marketing System: Part 2

I'll take you by the hand through every chapter and give you a complete understanding of my principles, strategies, and routines which have enabled my clients to generate millions of dollars in revenue through increased sales, client acquisition, referral creation, networking partnerships, and strategic alliances.

I'll introduce you to my"Pay It Forward Business Model" and get into the nooks and crannies of creating, nurturing, and deepening business relationships which will lead to your huge, long-term business success. You will understand and be able to implement a simple 30-minute per day strategy and routine which will enable you to significantly grow your network, position yourself as a thought leader and valuable resource in your industry, while staying top of mind with your best prospects, clients, networking partners, and strategic alliances without ever being slick, salesy, awkward, or creepy.

One time investment of $997
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One-On-One Social Selling & Relationship Marketing Coaching

Although speaking and training all over the USA and internationally on a weekly basis is a blast, I love working one-on-one with a small group of individual Social Selling & Relationship Marketing coaching clients. Due to my near constant travel schedule, I only work with a select handful of one-on-one coaching clients at any given time.

Unlike many coaches who are trying to sign their coaching clients to year-long, expensive coaching arrangements, I work very simply with my coaching clients in 90-day engagements during which we schedule (9) 45-60 minute GoToMeeting sessions where we can see each others computer screens. This results in 8 to 9 hours of private, intimate one-on-one coaching where I can get a deep understanding of your business and what you're seeking to accomplish and we custom tailor a solution to meet your goals.

During the 90 days, we work through my Social Selling & Relationship Marketing curriculum as it relates to your situation at whatever pace suits you and you have unlimited access to me by phone and/or email between our sessions. If something comes up in your schedule or I have to be in another part of the world speaking on a stage somewhere, we reschedule the session and there's no forfeiture of the session or penalization. You're busy. I'm busy. We're grown-ups.

I don't schedule my one-on-one coaching clients back to back and I'm not a clock watcher. When we're on a roll, we go with the flow. My only goal is to add massive value to you.

I've been blessed to coach many Financial Advisors, Business Owners, Salespeople and others to grow their practices, businesses, lead generation, prospecting, networking partnerships and strategic alliance efforts which has led to huge increases in revenues. There are over 1600+ individually written testimonials on my LinkedIn profile which attest to the value I've delivered to many, many people over the years.

If this type of intimate, custom, one-on-one type of coaching is of interest to you, please email for more details and availability.


Joie de Vivre Coaching

Joie de Vivre
(zhwaduh vee-vruh)
Noun, French.
1. A delight in being alive; keen, carefree enjoyment of living
2. Buoyant enjoyment of life
3. Ebullience, zest for life
4. A feeling of great happiness and enjoyment of life
Origin of Joie de Vivre: Literally, joy of living

What is Joie de Vivre Coaching? It's coaching beyond the traditional application-based approach to helping people accomplish their goals, dreams, etc. If we were to work together, will you accomplish your goals Sure. That's not that difficult. Will you get clear about your ideal life? Absolutely. No biggee. There are countless resources clearly describing how to do these things. Just pick up some Napoleon Hill, W. Clement Stone, Wallace Wattles, etc. I can save you a lot of time because not only did I read them all and more importantly, study them all, I applied them all and I got the Mercedes S500, the fancy watch, the 7500 square foot house, etc.

Well then, how is Joie de Vivre Coaching different than other forms of coaching? It's fundamentally different than other forms of coaching because most coaching is based on the premise that there is some aspect or aspects of yourself which need to be changed or fixed. This was the root of the Personal/Self Development Movement and all its various incarnations over the last century or so. I was a self development junkie for years. Decades actually. And there is validity in many forms of self development, but at its core, self development is about fixing something which actually isn't broken.

Rather than teaching strategies, methods, techniques, interventions, etc, which over time become more and more increasingly difficult to apply, Joie de Vivre Coaching focuses on a fundamental understanding of a vital foundation for clearer thinking that reveals the unlimited potential we all have to achieve our highest level of happiness and success in life. This is Joie de Vivre. This foundational understanding allows individuals (and organizations) to recognize and address a fundamental performance variable that drives engagement, effectiveness, communication, morale and results without any additional mental effort. This form of coaching involves deep listening and fun conversations (there will be plenty of laughing and possibly a few tears too), and a return to a simple understanding of innate principles. You were born with everything you need to live your ideal life. There's nothing broken and there's nothing missing in you. Period.

Imagine greater resilience, unconditional confidence, levels of capability even in previously challenging areas, massive stress reduction, increased clarity and decision-making ability, deep peace of mind, and an increasing state of unconditional happiness. Now imagine accomplishing your goals, dreams and aspirations while living in this state of mind. Instead of just acquiring the outward evidence of success, Joie de Vivre Coaching is about also thriving on the inside. And that is what true Joie de Vivre is all about.

I'm not looking to grow a huge coaching clientele, and that's by design. I get so involved in the goals and aspirations of my clients that I simply couldn't work with an unlimited number of individuals. I work with very special clients who are looking for a more impactful way of living their ideal life. So, while we can work together to accomplish many outward goals and dreams, our work together would also be based on the bigger picture. On the fact that true success goes far beyond outward accomplishments. And the belief that the feeling of great happiness and enjoyment of life is the true art of Joie de Vivre. If this type of life appeals to you, we should talk. You're a beautiful, divine creation of God, designed for greatness. And you deserve the desires of your heart.

Due to my near constant speaking, training, coaching and consulting schedule all around the world, I only choose to work with a small, select number of clients in a private Joie de Vivre Coaching relationship. If you'd like to schedule a conversation to explore the possibility of working together, please feel free to email me


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