Spoil Your Parents. And Your Clients. While You Can.

My brothers and I recently sent our parents on an all-expense paid trip to Oahu and Maui where they stayed at two Four-Star waterfront resorts for their 50th wedding anniversary. Although my folks had the time of their life and they were very grateful for the present, I think I was the one who really got the gift. I’ve been able to have the greatest parents on earth for my 48 years of life here on this awesome blue ball. I didn’t always think my parents were that great, but that’s normal when you’re younger. Now I know better.

Ever think about your clients kinda the same way you think about your parents? Your parents gave you life. Your clients gave you business. Your parents could have given you away and found or had some other kids. Your clients can give you away any time they like. We have limited windows of opportunity to show our gratitude. Express your ongoing appreciation to your clients. Because it’s the right thing to do. And because it just makes good business sense.


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  1. Monica Strobel

    As America’s Complimentologist, I can’t agree with you more about the power of on-going appreciation! Research proves that we think we’re doing it more than we are and people are hungrier for it more than we know. A great article– from a fellow Coloradoan!

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