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While I was in Seattle this past weekend, I had dinner with my good friends and fellow International Speakers and Authors, Patrick Snow and Mark Matteson. The conversation was fantastic and it went into the night.

One of the things Mark said has been bouncing around in my head the last few days. He said that he’s learning to “Give away more.” Mark, Patrick and I have always been generous with the time, materials and consulting that we give away vs. what we get paid for by our clients and Mark challenged Patrick and I to raise the bar. I’m up for the challenge.

How do you give away value? I’m not proposing that you start giving away all your secret sauce that you earn money for. But what can you do on a daily and weekly basis to give more away because you’re a generous person? Yes, it will come back to you in many ways. But that’s not why I’m suggesting you give it away. Do it because you have a generous nature and consider what comes back, shaken down and pressed together as gravy. As the Red Hot Chili Peppers sang, “Give it away, give it away, give it away….”

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  1. Craig Wilson

    Hi Kev – I have known and watched you for many years, and your bar is already pretty high – you are one of a small handful of people I know who fully understands “give to give” without worrying about getting. I’m learning to put this in practice more consistently, because I’ve seen my life and success (in everything!) grows best when giving to give without worrying about or expecting what will come back. I’ll take up this challenge with you and hope it becomes extremely contagious!

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