November 11, 2015 Newsletter

I normally speak in about one city per week somewhere in the world, but the last few months have been even more busy than normal with me speaking in multiple cities per week and a lot of running back and forth across the country. This is a good thing.   To read more click here

November 4, 2015

What a fun time I had last week delivering speaking and training engagements in the Bay Area. I always love being in San Francisco and the surrounding cities – what a beautiful part of our country. And it felt like Summer with temps in the high 80’s.   To read more click here

October 28, 2015 Newsletter

I was running pretty hard on the East Coast last week with engagements in PA and NJ and a concert in Tarrytown, NY tucked in the middle. I got to drop by Princeton University and see the Fall colors on campus. Years ago, when dinosaurs roamed the Earth, I worked in downtown Princeton and I always enjoyed wandering the campus at lunch time.   To read more click here

October 21, 2015 Newsletter

Mid-October already? Really? How did that happen? I spoke in Chicago and Orlando last week. It was cool in Chicago and warm in Orlando. Shocker. At about the same time that you’re receiving this newsletter, I’m at 35,000′ on my way to deliver engagements in PA and NJ. Having been born and raised in NJ before moving to Colorado almost 12 years ago, it’s always fun to come back to my old stomping grounds and I’m fortunate that I get back at least a few times each year. I can almost taste the Dunkin Donuts coffee and the Pork Roll….   To read more click here

October 13, 2015 Newsletter

I hope you’re having a great start to your week! I’m sending you this newsletter from Chicago where I’ve been kindly asked to deliver the keynote presentation and two breakout sessions at an exclusive Financial Services conference. I think this may be my 9th or 10th presentation in the Windy City so far this year. I kinda know my way around here. Awesome city with even awesomer people. “Awesomer” is a word, isn’t it….?   To read more click here

October 7, 2015 Newsletter

The chill of Fall is in the air here in Colorado which means skiing can’t be far off – YEEEHHAAA!!! I’m delivering speaking engagements in Chicago and Orlando in the next week so it will be nice to get the contrast of the cool Northern USA and warm Southern USA. A fun part of being a Professional Speaker is that you get to experience many places and many climates. If you enjoy traveling, which I do, being a Professional Speaker is fun for many reasons. I hope you’re having a great start to your October!   To read more click here

September 29, 2015 Newsletter

Did you get to see this past weekend’s Blood Moon? Man, that was crazy looking. It was a nice way to cap off the Broncos win over the Lions on Sunday evening. I hope your team did well in week three of the new NFL sea   To read more click here

September 23, 2015 Newsletter

Today is the first day of Fall and it’s starting to feel like it here at 7500′ in Monument, Colorado. The aspens are changing color and I’m predicting that we’ll have snow here in Colorado at the higher elevations within two weeks. I hope it’s starting to cool off wherever you are. Unless you’re reading this in the Southern Hemisphere where your Winter is winding down and Spring is just around the corner.   To read more click here

September 15, 2015 Newsletter

I hope you paused for a couple of moments a few days ago on 9/11 to think of those who lost their lives on that day fourteen years ago and to give thanks for being able to live in this amazing country. I posted something on Facebook on 9/11 which had a far greater response than I was expecting.   To read more click here

September 9, 2015 Newsletter

I hope you had a fun Labor Day Weekend! I had a relaxing one with my family. Pre-season football, The Deutsche Bank Championship outside Boston, and The Russian Open in Moscow on the home theater. Lots of football, golf and couch time. And grilling on the deck, having my Mom and Dad over, the kids running through the sprinklers, naps and all kinds of late Summer fun.   To read more click here

September 1, 2015 Newsletter

This past weekend was a good one for music. On Friday evening I attended a performance of Mozart’s opera “Così fan tutte” in Fort Collins, CO. I attended a different performance of the same opera in Aspen the week before. I think that’s the first time I’ve ever heard two productions of the same opera in two cities in a week. To read more click here

August 26, 2015 Newsletter

Even though we’re still technically in the Summer, we’re in the last few days of August and the evenings are getting cooler here at 7500′ in beautiful Monument, Colorado. To read more click here

August 18, 2015 Newsletter

Successfully using Social Media to grow your business, identify clients and business partners and many other business outcomes relies less on being a computer geek and far more on effective people skills. To continue reading click here

August 11, 2015 Newsletter

When you’re interacting with your prospects, clients, networking partners, strategic alliances, basically everyone you come in contact with whether online or offline, remember that everyone has WIIFM written on their forehead in invisible ink. “What’s In It For Me?” To continue reading click here

August 4, 2015 Newsletter

In sales, one of the bad stereotypes is the killer “closer”. I think it’s a good idea from time to time to examine our language because it has a huge effect on us, often without us knowing it. The fish often doesn’t know it’s wet. To continue reading click here

July 29, 2015 Newsletter

I’ve lately had a number of people tell me that they’ve heard of my three-foot rule from others and they’ve said that they want to hear it from me in my own words, so because I seek to serve, here ya go. To continue reading click here

July 21, 2015 Newsletter

Ever notice that it’s often the littlest things which make the biggest difference? If you’re like me, you probably receive tons of email. To continue reading click here

July 14, 2015 Newsletter

I took my sixteen year old daughter, Anja, and my brother, Tim, with me to see the band “Rush” at the Pepsi Center last Saturday evening. To continue reading click here

July 7, 2015 Newsletter

I hope you enjoyed the Fourth of July. I hope in all the barbecues, parties, fireworks, and fun you paused for a moment and gave thanks for the extreme bravery of the men and women who put this amazing experiment called America into motion. To continue reading click here

June 30, 2015 Newsletter

Between 24/7 news, Social Media, phones beeping, buzzing, etc there’s a lot of noise in our lives. It might be easy to think that these are conversations, but most of the noise isn’t conversation. Conversation is talking with, not talking at. I don’t think it’s talking to, either. It’s talking with. And most people and businesses are talking at, both online and offline. They’re not talking with. And with is where the magic is. To continue reading click here