You Just Popped In My Head So I Thought I’d Call

We all have times during the day when someone pops in our mind. These are great opportunities to build and strengthen relationships.

Just for fun, the next time someone pops in your mind, pick up the phone and call them. You’re probably busy and don’t have much time, so start the conversation like this, “Hi Joan, this is Kevin. I only have a quick minute, but you just popped in my mind and I’ve learned that when someone pops in my mind, I should call and at least say hi. HI! Again, I only have a real quick minute, so maybe we can talk longer another time. Anything I can help you with real quick before I have to run?”

People will be amazed that you took the quick minute or two to call them and they’ll be glad you did. With all the high-tech, many people are forgetting the high touch. Never pass up a chance to make a personal connection. Huge doors of opportunity swing on little tiny hinges. And those hinges are called relationships.

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  1. Robert

    That’s actually called a prompting. If you act on it, it’s amazing the results and reactions from the people you call. I just take it one step further, I send a greeting card as well. Easy to do, easy not to do! Great job Kevin.

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