You Don’t Need SMS (Social Media Stress)

If you think that you have to stay up on every new bell and whistle on every Social Media site, you’re asking for a headache. And lack of sleep. And frustration. And stress.

Most people have enough stress in their lives. They don’t need SMS (Social Media Stress).

It’s the nature of technology to change quickly and without notice.

I tell my audiences that when I get in the morning, one of the first questions I ask is, “What did they change on Facebook while I was sleeping?” And the audience laughs and when they stop laughing I tell them that I was serious.

So relax. This technology stuff is only going to accelerate. Get used to it. Kind of like the way you get used to weather. You observe it, maybe predict it a little, but basically realize there’s not a lot you can do about it, exceptto buy an umbrella or winter coat.

Realize that Social Media isn’t about technology, it’s about people. Just because you can drive a car doesn’t mean you should be able to fix a transmission. Just because there are a million nuances, functionalities, shiny bells and whistles on every Social Media site doesn’t mean you have to be the master of them all.

Focus on the functions that build and enhance communication and relationships. That’s where you want to live.

Breathe in. Breathe out. Repeat.

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  1. Kelly Noble

    I could not agree more. I tell my clients all the time that it is nearly impossible to be an expert in social media because it has literally changed while we sat there and talked. No reason to get all stressed out over it. The other thing that stresses people out about social media is the thought that they have to be involved in every network out there. I try to explain that Facebook or Twitter or even LinkedIn is not for everyone and you need to find the tool that works best for you. Start with one or two then work your way up if you would like. The thing to remember is that social media is a tool and should help you not hurt you. Also that it takes much more time in the upfront but it will get easier and less time intensive as you figure it out and make a game plan. I recommend people take about 30 minutes every morning while they drink their coffee to check their social media and make their updates. You set the time then walk away when you are done, otherwise it can be a real time sucker and that can add to sms. 🙂 Great blog as always! I will be sure to share it. Thanks Kevin!

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