Stand Up Straight

My older daughter recently told me that I have good posture when I sit and when I walk. I never think about my posture, so it was an interesting comment. On a side note, I haven’t thought of this in years, but my daughter’s comment made me remember that I had a girlfriend twenty-five years ago who told me “I love watching you walk.” When I asked her why she said “Because you know where you’re going and it shows.” I forget a lot of things but I remember her comment.

Stand up straight when you’re on your Social Media platforms. Stand up straight means do the right thing. Take the high road. Pay it forward. Under promise and over deliver. Don’t complain. Be polite. Say please and thank you more. Don’t slouch.

Having good posture shows that you’ve got a good spine. That’s code for backbone. And in a world where people have turned complaining and bad manners into an art form, you’ll be a light in the darkness.

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