Speak Their Language

Remember that everyone has “WIIFM” written on their forehead in invisible ink. WIIFM stand for “What’s in it for me?”

I just returned from a speaking engagement for a multi-billion dollar financial services firm. They’re one of my favorite clients and I’ve been blessed to meet some amazing people there and they’ve introduced me to many other amazing people.

I was speaking on using Social Media as a tool to add value to client and potential client relationships. There was a very savvy businessman there who said that he’s not active on any SM platforms and that he’s had many people try to get him on SM platforms.

He and I shared a limo ride to the airport after my presentation. He very kindly said to me that no one had ever presented this content in a way that compelled him to participate, but that he was going to now. I’m sure someone must have, so maybe the other folks loosened up the jar and I just happened to be there to take the lid off.

He said that most of the presentations he has already seen were very technical in nature and that most of the presenters appeared to just be trying to show how smart they were. This is a very important point.

As we share with people, it’s important that we get our ego’s out of the way. We are there to serve. That’s it. We’re not there to impress people. We’re not there to hope that someone in the audience will hire us. We’re there to serve. When we do that with a sincere, authentic and transparent spirit, everything else will fall into place.

People need help. Help them. Remember that they have WIIFM written on their foreheads and focus on answering that unasked question in every communication with them. Don’t get distracted. Focus on them and serve them. Speak their language and they’ll understand you and your value to them.

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  1. Kelly

    I could not agree more. When I do a class for a group of people I always want to show them stuff that they themselves can do without having to hire someone. It is important that they can walk away with some new skills they can go implement without having to hire someone. If they can do that, then I just might be an ok teacher…but you, Kevin, are an excellent teacher!

  2. Post

    Thanks for your kind comments, Kelly. You’re a great teacher and presenter, also. 🙂

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