Social Media And Relationships Take A Little Work

Success in Social Media and success in relationships doesn’t just happen. Success requires some work. And Social Media and relationships have a lot in common. That’s probably because they’re the same thing.

Having success in Social Media means understanding that it’s not about technology, it’s about relationships. You don’t need to be an expert transmission repair specialist in order to drive a car and you don’t need to be a “Social Media Guru” in order to have success in Social Media.

Investing a little time on a daily basis in your Social Media efforts and in your relationships produce massive results over time. Updating your LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter statuses on a regular basis let people know that you’re still there. Kinda like a relationship. If you don’t let the people you care about know that you care about them, they tend to go away.

Touch the people you’re connected to, whether you’re connected to them online or offline. It really takes so little effort. Let people know that you’re thinking about them and that they matter to you. Do this on a consistent basis, and it no longer is work, but a joy you look forward to every day. Kinda like a great relationship.

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