Netiquette Is Online Etiquette

Whether online or offline, manners make a difference.  I like to call internet etiquette, “netiquette”.

A habit I learned a long time ago that has served me very well through the years is starting phone conversations with, “Hi John, it’s Kev. Do you have a quick minute or is this a bad time?”

There are very few people who start conversations like this. It’s a huge show of respect to the person whom you’re calling.

Make sure you’re doing the same thing online. Because I often have Facebook running in the background on my computer, people pop up in the chat box all the time and often just launch into conversations.

And sometimes they’re people I don’t know well at all that start conversations with sales pitches. Yikes.

Remember that most people are quite busy. Approach them politely and be respectful of their time. I guarantee you the outcome of your conversation will turn out better when you do.

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