Keep It Positive

We become like the people we associate with.  This is true whether we’re five or fifty-five.  There are certain kids that we don’t want our kids to hang around with.  The reason for this is because we intuitively know that we become like the people we associate with and we don’t want our kids becoming like “those kids”.  So, at what age does that change?  It doesn’t.  Adults are just kids with long, hairy legs.  Just like little kids, we become like the people we associate with. 

Knowing this, it may serve us well to choose to associate with positive, uplifting people.  I’m not talking about hanging around with people that are in denial that there is crap in the world; just people who choose to focus on the positive.  Everyone has crap in their life and anyone who tells you that they don’t needs a checkup from the neck up.  We all have crap, but it’s not what happens, but how we handle it.

Ever meet that guy or girl that you’re afraid to ask “So, what’s new?”  We’ve all met them and from time to time we are them.  That’s just being human.  The key is to choose to focus on the positive.  It’s much more enjoyable to spend time with people who are uplifting and positive.  It’s also a sign of their intelligence.  Because everything is a choice, including and especially our attitude.  Be a positive person and people will want to spend time with you.

Great networkers know that you only have a few seconds to make a first impression.  Remember that when networking, always keep it positive.  Anyone can complain about work, the weather, and the last episode of Lost, whatever.  Rise above that.  Find something positive to talk about with your networking partners and they will flock to you.  Be the person that people enjoy spending time with because they feel better when they leave you than when they met you.  Not because they’re leaving you, but because they met you.  Big difference.

Make it a goal that when you are networking or just going about your daily activities (they’re actually one and the same) to see how long you can go without saying something negative.  It may be surprising to find out how long you can make it.  When people start complaining about something, try and turn the conversation to something positive.  It’s not always easy, but hang in there.  Any dead fish can float down stream.  Swim upstream.  Surround yourself with positive and uplifting people and your whole life will change.  Life is too short to be bummed out.  Keep it positive.

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