It Takes So Little To Be Above Average

We hear in the media that opportunities are scarce and that these are tough times.  Yes, they are tough times but there are ways to position yourself more favorably for opportunities.  And some of the best ways have nothing to do with advanced degrees.  I’m a big fan of common sense.  And while I don’t claim to have the market cornered on common sense (just ask my wife), I have learned some things over the years.

I think that one of the best ways to attract success is to do just a little more than the next guy.  This is so easy that it’s almost laughable.  Most folks are doing just enough to not get fired.  They’re pretty average.  Now, don’t think that this is a value judgment on people, it’s an observation.  Everyone has worth as a person but many people act like they don’t realize it.  We tend to judge other people on their actions and ourselves on our intentions.  People can’t read our minds and they can only observe what we do or don’t do. 

When you have something to do either in your work life or your personal life, make the choice to put just a little extra effort into it.  As simplistic as this may sound it will have a huge ripple effect in your life.  Knowing that most folks are doing just enough to get by, when you put a little more effort into everything you do, you stand out like a rock star.  The crazy thing is that this is so easy and yet so few people do it.  Talk about a huge ROI! 

Set yourself a goal for the next thirty days to go the extra mile.  Perform your tasks with more gusto.  Help people a little more.  Look for ways to deliver better service.  Go above and beyond the call of duty.  Just a little bit.  See what happens.  I bet good things will happen to you and for you.  Triumph is just putting a little more “umph” in your “try”.

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  1. Adam Beckett

    Yes Kevin it is so easy to go that extra (a few feet will do) as opposed to a whole mile.
    Result; better relationships ergo better business and better lives all round.

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