Here’s to a Blessed 2011!

Well, we made it.  For many folks, 2010 was somewhat of a nightmare.  Unless you were living on an island somewhere with a volleyball named Wilson, you know what I’m talking about.  2010 is behind us, so let’s start 2011 the right way.  Let’s be thankful for all that happened in 2010.  Even the crappy things.

Gratitude wakes us up and helps us realize that it’s not what happens, but how we handle it.  If you’re only grateful for the good things that happen, is that really gratitude?  Gratitude is an attitude.  It’s the attitude that no matter what happens, it’s all a lesson and something we can learn from, even if it’s learning what not to do.  That’s called wisdom.  You can get bitter or you can get better.

Let’s start 2011 with the attitude that everything is a blessing, even if we don’t realize it at the time.  So when something bad is happening, remember that it’s a blessing.  And if you can’t see the blessing at the moment, remind yourself that it’s an opportunity to flex your gratitude muscles knowing that in time you will see the blessing.

God bless you and here’s to a blessed 2011!

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