Get Real

People often ask me, “Kev, how should I be on Social Media?” I get a kick out of that question, because it’s similar to asking me, “Kev, how should I be on the telephone?”

Let’s change the word “on” to “through.” You’re not “on” the telephone anymore than you’re “on” Social Media. You communicating through the telephone and through Social Media.

So my answer to their question is usually, “Be however you would be face to face.” You should be yourself because everyone else is already taken.

The words “authentic” and “transparent” have almost become clichés, but they make sense. People are going to figure out who you are anyway, so you may as well be authentic and transparent.

But even those words are a little too “marketing speak” for me. I like a simpler word. Like “real”.

Be real. Because people will figure out whether you’re real or not very quickly. And don’t worry so much about “getting” real.

Just be real. Really.

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  1. John Mohr

    I love your blog – a wealth of experience. I like how your articles are concise and powerful. They leave you with a take away message right away so that you do not need to wade through paragraphs of text for the real message of goodness.

    Thank you.
    John Mohr

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