Don’t Treat Social Media Like a Gym on January 1st

I meet a lot of people who dip their toe or their organization’s toe into Social Media and hope that SoMe is a silver bullet. It’s not.

Posting something and then disappearing into the Witness Relocation Program for a long time doesn’t lead to Top-Of-Mind Awareness with your prospects, clients, customer, or networking or referral partners.

Pick a pace you can live with and then live with it. Just like a workout schedule.

Don’t treat your SoMe efforts the way most people treat a gym on January 1st. “It took me thirty years to get this out of shape so I’ll hammer the weights and treadmill and get back in shape in the next three days.” No you won’t. You’ll pull a muscle.

Small efforts repeated over time produce massive results. Inch by inch anything’s a cinch, yard by yard it’s hard. Steady wins the race. It doesn’t have to be slow and steady, but it does have to be steady.


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