Appreciation Makes The Difference

Learning to develop an appreciative attitude and expressing appreciation is a very important life skill. Being appreciative shows that we have an attitude of gratitude. In today’s busy world we sometimes forget how much we can be appreciative of.  All we have to do is open our eyes to all the blessings that surround us.  We’re mosquitoes in a nudist colony of abundance.

When we don’t appreciate the blessings in our lives we probably have also forgotten some of the interpersonal niceties that make life easier.  Things like saying please and thank you.  As simplistic as it may sound, these simple words can work wonders in our lives.  Our parents taught us these things for a reason.  They’re a form of politeness and also a way to attract things into our lives.

We get what we give.  So when we are appreciative of other people they are appreciative of us.  You may be thinking “How naïve. People aren’t that nice.”  Yes they are.  Unless you’re dealing with Hannibal Lechter or Attila the Hun.  And in that case, run. 

Not saying thank you does more damage than actually saying thank you does good.  It shows the other person that you’re not appreciative and they will probably feel hurt although they may not say it.  And when they feel hurt, they probably won’t be doing much to help you.  So actually, showing appreciation serves you just as well as the person to whom you express appreciation.

Think about some folks that have added value to your life.  Let them know.  When it comes to gratitude, late is much, much better than never.  Say thank you as frequently as you can.  Show appreciation when people least expect it.  It’s unexpected gratitude that sets you apart as an extraordinary human being. And the only difference between ordinary and extraordinary is that little “extra.”

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