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There’s a saying that many sales trainers use quite frequently which is, “Always be closing.”  If we’re “always closing” then the people we do business with will always feel pressure.  Most people don’t like pressure and don’t want to “be closed.”  Most of us want to be relaxed and comfortable in buying situations.  And, quite frankly, in all situations.

I prefer the term, “Always be connecting.”  Knowing that all things being equal, people do business with and refer business to people they know, like and trust…connecting is a far better strategy than closing.  And I’m hesitant to even use the term strategy.  That sounds too “M.B.A.” to me.  If friendship is a strategy than I guess I’m a strategist.  I prefer to think I’m just a friend.

As we take a sincere interest in other people, good things start to show up.  Good things like job opportunities, referrals, clients, joy, and peace of mind. etc.  This is the natural byproduct of relationships.  Unless we’re Tom Hanks living on an island with a volleyball named Wilson learning to connect may well be the most important life-skill we ever learn.

Invest the time in learning about people.  Learn their likes, dislikes, passions, kid’s names and anything else that shows that you are sincerely interested in them as people.  I said “as people”, not “as prospects.”  Never pass up any opportunity to make something personal.  Connect with people.  Instead of closing sales, open relationships.

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    Great perspective regarding sales.  Like you, I believe each encounter is an opportunity to build a relationship.  In fact, I frequently suggest my role in life is “shaking hands and making friends” ;).

    Your comments underscore the importance establishing a long-term relationship with your clients/customers rather than just “meeting people”.  It is essential to truly understand your clients and, of course, consistently solve their problems, meet their needs, and exceed their expectations.  This forever changes the dynamic relationship.  You become a partner in their success – their “go-to person”; rather than a person who is “selling me something” (and perhaps, best to avoid). 
    If you are always closing, you miss the opportunity to really listen to your client – truly understand how you can help her/him succeed.  Sales should be about creating win/win/win opportunities – make the pie bigger so everyone wins. 
    Kevin – thanks for reminding us to get out there and make “new friends not just meet another client!

    Linda Holcman

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