You’re Farther Along Than You Think You Are

A client of mine in Canada recently sent me a news article on the London rioters using Social Media as a way to organize. Most folks have figured out that SM sites enable people to organize. Mubarak knows this. Gaddafi knows this. Charlie Sheen knows this.

The interesting thing to me is that police departments and governments are just starting to know this. How long did it take before police departments started using the telephone after it was invented?

The fact that you’re reading this post means that you’re probably farther along in terms of communication than many age-old entities such as the Post Office, local police departments, and many other institutions that have been around forever.

I bring this up because I meet a lot of people who tell me that they feel like they’re being left behind with all these advances like Social Media, etc. Don’t sweat it. Don’t think you have to become a technology geek with tape on your glasses.

Just communicate with people and understand that communication tools are changing all the time. Yes, put a little effort into staying up on what’s changing, but focus on the conversations. That’s where the gold is. You’re farther along than you think you are.


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