Who Did You Touch This Week?

While success is composed of a number of things, it’s pretty much agreed upon that our long-term success will be dependent on our ability to build and maintain relationships. The best kind of relationships are mutually beneficial, win-win relationships.

Friday is a good time to look back over your week and see who you’ve interacted with and whether you’ve added value to everyone who has crossed your path. Take a few minutes and look back over your calendar for the week. See who you communicated with whether in person, by email, or perhaps on Social Media sites like LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter.

Was your interaction positive? Did it add value to the other person? Did it lead to a stronger bond? Did you offer help in some way and pay it forward?

If not, pick up the phone or drop an email to the person and let them know that you’re thinking of them and you want to build a stronger relationship with them and ask them how they would like to see that happen.

If you did have a great interaction with them, pick up the phone or drop them an email letting them know that you enjoyed your conversation or meeting and that you’re looking forward to seeing or communicating with them again.

It takes so little to be above average. Don’t treat relationships willy-nilly by leaving them to chance. Your success depends on it.

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