The Gray Hair Wins

Sometimes people with a little gray in their hair get nervous about the whole Social Media thing. They tell me that the younger generations are more suited to Social Media and feel that it’s a younger person’s game.

Actually, a younger person may be technologically ahead of their older counterparts, but the older person is in a better position than the young punk.

The younger person may know which buttons to push, which apps to load and so on, but they don’t have the life experience, business acumen or battle scars of the older person. They haven’t had the successes or been kicked in the teeth by life and business, haven’t seen markets rise and fall and have a limited view of the world and business for the simple reason that they just haven’t been around as long.

Folks with some years on them know that long-term business and life success is based on relationships. Learning how to use Social Media most effectively isn’t about being a computer, iPad, iPhone, Blackberry, or gizmo-of-the-month ninja. It’s about gaining a simple working knowledge of how to use modern communication channels to build and enhance mutually beneficial, win-win relationships.

I’ll take folks with a little gray in their hair who are teachable over younger people with electronic addictions any day.

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