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How To Master The Power Of LinkedIn & Twitter For Maximum Results And Profits Streaming Video Training Course (4 hours)


This two-hour training (broken into chapters based on my proven and highly profitable LinkedIn principles, strategies, and routines) will equip you with basic and advanced uses of LinkedIn. LinkedIn is the world’s premier business social networking site with over 375,000,000 members. Proactive business people can’t afford to ignore this tremendous business tool. Learn how to create a robust profile and how to navigate your network, increase your presence online and in your local market, become the “go-to person” in your industry, while growing your profits.

These videos cover:

  • What LinkedIn is and why it should be an important part of your business and marketing strategy
  • How LinkedIn works including LinkedIn “netiquette”
  • How to create an effective profile showcasing your credibility
  • How to most effectively send and receive invitations in order to grow your network
  • Strategies for identifying and connecting with the best prospects, clients, networking partners, and strategic alliances for your business
  • How to integrate LinkedIn into your overall sales and marketing activity in less than 30 minutes per day
  • Much, much more

twitter_packageTwitter is one of the world’s best real-time business tools. People unfamiliar with Twitter tend to think that it’s about 15 year olds talking about what they had for lunch. In reality, businesses are strategically using Twitter to identify potential clients, alliances and partnerships among many other business purposes. This exciting training will teach you how to tap into this amazing stream of information while positioning yourself and your business as a thought leader in your industry and the go-to resource of choice.

After watching these videos (two-hours broken into chapters based on my proven and highly profitable Twitter principles, strategies, and routines) you will be ready to take advantage of this incredibly fast growing Social Networking platform in order to increase your visibility, showcase your credibility and significantly grow your revenues.



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Social Selling & Relationship Marketing Mastery Training Course (17 hours)

I love working with Business Owners, Salespeople, Financial Advisors, Coaches, and many other types of Business Professionals in a one-to-one coaching relationship. Due to my near constant speaking and travel schedule all around the world on a weekly basis, I’m not able to work with as many people one-to-one as I’d like. So I’ve created my 17-hour “Social Selling & Relationship Marketing Mastery Training Course”.

This 17-hour training course is the Holy Grail of Social Selling and Relationship Marketing. It’s broken into 25 chapters which you can watch again and again from anywhere in the world with an Internet connection. My corporate clients and my one-to-one Social Selling & Relationship Marketing Coaching clients invest significant money to be taught this information and in this self-study training course you have access to the same content at a fraction of the normal investment.
This fast-paced and humorous streaming video training course includes:
Social Selling & Relationship Marketing Introduction and Overview (1 hour)
LinkedIn (9 hours)
  • Account Settings
  • Profile Optimization
  • Adding Connections
  • Alumni
  • Strategically Accepting Invitations
  • Advanced People Search
  • Advanced People Search (Saved Search)
  • Advanced People Search (Approach)
  • Groups
  • Status Updates
  • Posts
  • Who’s Viewed Your Profile
  • Endorsements & Recommendations
  • Advertising
  • Sales Navigator
Twitter (4 hours)
  • Overview
  • Tweeting & Search
  • Lists
  • Hootsuite
  • Daily Standard Operating Procedures
  • Twellow
  • Follow Friday
High-Tech/High-Touch Relationship Marketing System™ ( 3 hours)
  • High-Tech/High-Touch Relationship Marketing System™ Part 1
  • High-Tech/High-Touch Relationship Marketing System™ Part 2

I’ll take you by the hand through every chapter and give you a complete understanding of my principles, strategies, and routines which have enabled my clients to generate millions of dollars in revenue through increased sales, client acquisition, referral creation, networking partnerships, and strategic alliances.

I’ll introduce you to my “Pay It Forward Business Model™” and get into the nooks and crannies of creating, nurturing, and deepening business relationships which will lead to your huge, long-term business success. You will understand and be able to implement a simple 30-minute per day strategy and routine which will enable you to significantly grow your network, position yourself as a thought leader and valuable resource in your industry, while staying top of mind with your best prospects, clients, networking partners, and strategic alliances without ever being slick, salesy, awkward, or creepy.

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