Social Proof Isn’t New, It’s Just Much Easier Now

Ever since the earth was cooling, the best form of credibility has been word of mouth. We do business with and refer business to people we know, like and trust. This is as natural as gravity.

Whether it’s 912 AD or 2012 AD, word gets around. When people have good experiences and outcomes after working with you, you develop word of mouth. This is called a reputation.

Prior to Social Media, we had limited ways of showing that we are credible, do a good job, take pride in our work, and have people saying good things about us.

By creating a robust LinkedIn Profile including Recommendations from people who are in a position to endorse you based on your work experience, it’s never been easier to showcase your credibility. Similar displays of credibility can be created on Facebook, Twitter, and other Social Media platforms.

The so-called, and often self-professed ‘Social Media Guru’s’ call this evidence ‘Social Proof’ (most people call themselves guru’s because they can’t spell charlatan).

There is nothing new under the sun. Social Proof is a fancy word for reputation. You can’t outrun your character. If you’re cutting corners, doing just enough to not get fired, baiting and switching, leaving a trail of broken promises, and basically not adding much value to the marketplace, you will be found out. Literally at the speed of light known as the internet.

If you’re getting up every morning and starting early, working late, under-promising and over-delivering, and all in all, adding massive value, you will be found out, too. This is a good thing. Leverage the current methods of creating Social Proof and you’ll never worry about your next job, your next client, or your next project. Rock on!


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