Social Media Is About Speaking To People Individually

Disclaimer: This post may sound like a rant, but it’s not. It’s a simple interpersonal tip that will produce massive results for you.

I see a lot of people post things on Social Media platforms that have words in the message like, “Good morning everyone!”, “Hey folks….” and “Thank you all.”

People who use Social Media most effectively understand that they’re talking to people individually. And they communicate as if they are speaking to just one person. Because they are.

Remember that adults are just kids with long, hairy legs and that a lot of people feel the need to puff themselves up (due to their fragile self-images) and want to look like they have a massive following and that they’re important. So they’ll use verbiage that sends a message that is intended to look like they are communicating with masses of folks.

The irony is that the folks with some level of influence tend to get those followings because they make people feel special and create an intimacy in their communications.

Focus on Social YOUdia, not Social MEdia. Speak to people individually. That’s how true relationships are created.

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