Social Media Cross-Pollination

Remember the old days in the last century when you had your work life and your personal life and never the two shall meet? How’s that working out for you in a more and more interconnected world?

When you connect with someone on one Social Media platform do you also connect with them on other SoMe platforms? I do. I’m not suggesting that you should too, but allow me to tell you why I do.

I do because for me SoMe is all about relationships. The more I can get to know someone the easier it is for me to figure out how I can add value to them in some way. Don’t read into my “add value” comment as code for “sell them something.”

When I accept someone’s LinkedIn connection request, I see if I can find them on Facebook. If I find them, I send them a friend request. Same with Twitter. This habit has served me well. Very well. It may serve you well also.

I guess it all depends on why you’re on Social Media to begin with. Hmmm……

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