Remember the Phone?

As you’re connecting with everyone on Social Media platforms, don’t forget that people are more than their static profile pictures and postings. Part of adding value to people is getting to know them better.

As busy as we all are, we choose how to spend our time. Some folks choose to invest their time instead of spending it.

We all spend time in our cars. Invest a little bit of time every day calling your Social Media-mates on the phone while you’re cruising down the road. Holy crap – did I say call them on the phone?! Yup, I did.

Start the conversation with, “Hi Mary! I only have a quick minute, but I was thinking of you and wanted to call and say hi.” By starting with letting them know that you only have a tiny bit of time, they’ll know that this isn’t going to be a “War and Peace” conversation. If you have a difficult time getting off the phone, politely interrupt them by reminding them that you only have a minute and that you have to go.

You’re not doing this to be strategic, manipulative or any of that stuff, you’re doing it because you want to take a sincere interest in them. That’s what relationships are about, isn’t it?

I’m betting that if you give people a quick buzz, they won’t forget it. They don’t forget it when I call them. People don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care. Care.

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