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By accessing this hidden page on my website, you have the unique opportunity to schedule two hours of private coaching with me at a significantly reduced investment versus what people normally invest in my private coaching.

Over the years, I’ve been blessed to be able to help many Business Owners, Salespeople, Entrepreneurs, Coaches, Therapists, Professional Speakers, Insurance Agents, Financial Advisors and many other Business Professionals bring on millions in AUM, new clients, create networking partnerships, strategic alliances, referral channels and accomplish many other business objectives by blending Old-School High-Touch sales, networking and relationship building skills with New-School High-Tech Social Media platforms such as LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter and my “High-Tech/High-Touch Relationship Marketing System™”.

I’ve also been blessed to be able to help many of these same people gain clarity regarding various personal and professional challenges, create plans for dramatic personal and professional results, and design breakthroughs using transformational insight while experiencing greater enjoyment and appreciation of life among many other outcomes.

After processing your investment below, you’ll hear from my EAE (Executive Assistant Extraordinaire) Jeana with some scheduling options for your two-hour private coaching conversation with me.

When we nail down a date and time, Jeana will email you a GoToMeeting link so you can see my computer screen during your private coaching conversation and we can dig into whatever you’d like.

Thanks again for your interest and please click below to process your one time investment of $250 for your two hours of private coaching with me.

To your clarity and massive success,

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