Paying It Forward As Part Of Your Biz Model

Just had a company call me and tell me that they were referred to me by someone whom I haven’t seen in at least six years and even then I only met her once or twice in a group setting. About a year ago she called me and asked for some tips on getting a particular sales job and I helped her over the phone, made a few intros and she got the job and I quickly forgot about it. I can’t remember my own name half the time.

For a long time, I’ve built an hour or so into my daily schedule to pay-it-forward and give people coaching and training for free, with no expectation of any kind. I’m a big believer that if God’s blessed you, you should bless others (BTW – God has blessed you). We reap what we sow. There’s no escaping this. It’s a principle like gravity.

One of the nice serendipities of helping people is that what goes around, comes around. Not because anyone “owes you”, but because that’s just the nature of the design. So pay it forward. Help people. Don’t keep score. That’s not your job. Just add value. Massive value. All the time. Life is beautiful.

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