Opt-Out Of The Negative

We all receive email, newsletters, sales pitches and other forms of communication that we can opt-out of. We opt-out because we have no interest in what the person is sending our way. Sometimes we even wonder how we got on their list in the first place.

When people around you start being negative, start complaining, moaning about the weather, the economy, the Democrats, the Republicans, Kim Kardashian, their lazy spouse, the crappy traffic, or whatever, just opt-out.

Say politely, “My well-being, my family’s financial stability, my closest relationships, and my long-term success is dependent on my ability to focus on the positive and this conversation is putting everything valuable to me in jeopardy, so I must politely remove myself from the discussion.” And then smile and walk away.

You’re too special to get bogged down in that crap. Life is too short to focus on the negative. You’re not in denial that there are rotten things in the world to talk about, you’re just choosing not to participate.

You may find that some of the smallest changes you make in your environment make the biggest changes in your life.

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