New Day’s Resolutions Instead of New Year’s Resolutions

According to many studies, the third week of January is the time when most people abandon their New Year’s resolutions. So, if this is accurate, perhaps some of the things you had hoped to create as new success habits in 2013, may seem unattainable to you now. While I’m all for taking massive, deliberate action and having short, medium, and long-range goals, for some folks, that’s just too much.

Perhaps a good approach to sustained change may be setting New Day’s resolutions versus New Year’s resolutions. When you get up in the morning, set a resolution for the day. And if during the course of the day you drop the ball, don’t beat yourself up. Get up tomorrow and resolve it again. Over time, you’ll start to notice where you’re dropping the ball and course correct. Just don’t beat yourself up. Perhaps put a sticky note on your bathroom mirror that say “What do I resolve today?”

You are a beautiful, divine creation of God, designed for greatness. Nothing great is ever accomplished overnight. Small efforts repeated over time produce massive results.

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