Make Time For The Things You Enjoy

I’m taking my 14-year old daughter to see Rush tonight in Denver. Row 20, seats 9 and 10 on the floor. Directly in front of Geddy (stage left). I’m so excited I can barely see straight. I took her last Fall to see Yes in Denver. If Genesis ever regroups, I’ll take her to see them. And then I’ll be ready to die. Yes, Rush and Genesis have been my favorite bands for over 30 years. Having a teenage daughter who knows and likes their music is fantastic.

What does this have to do with anything? What do you enjoy so much that you get giddy like a school kid just thinking about it? If it takes you a little while to get an answer to this question, that might be an indication that you’re probably working too hard. Yeah, yeah, I know, the economy. Economy schmonomy. There’s always gonna be external things like the economy, politics, weather, and lots of other things that we have no real control over.

Few people actually take the time to sit down and actually figure out their interests and then design their life to include these interests on a regular basis. About 2% of the people, actually. We just get “busy”. Yes, we should be productive, and add huge value to our families and chosen professions. But having fun is important. Very important. Look down from your computer or smart phone screen for the next 60 seconds and think about what you really enjoy. And if you’re not doing it on a scheduled basis, figure out a way to make it a frequent part of your life. You’re worth it.

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