Make ‘Em Smile

In our busyness we sometimes forget what we need to do in terms of our clients and prospective clients. Yes, we need to under-promise and over-deliver. Yes, we need to keep an eye on emerging trends and threats. Yes, we need to do all that Harvard Business Review, high fallutin, MBA type stuff.

But here’s your real job: make ’em smile. And keep ’em smilin’.

Be real. Be a person like them. Have a heart. Never pass up opportunities to personalize things to make your clients feel more special.

I’m dealing with some technology and product fulfillment issues right now that are bugging the crap out of me. Majorly bugging me. Serious buggage. And it’s having an effect on my clients.

This is a good example of it’s not what happens, but how we handle it. I’m thinking creatively and coming up with ways to make ’em smile as I work through these glitches.

Most folks are pretty nice and they’ll cut you some slack if there’s a balance in the emotional bank account. Make them happy and keep them happy. And sometimes it’s as easy as asking them what will make them happy while you resolve the issues.

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