Lighten Up, Francis….

A long time ago, I was very “professional”, “corporate” and somewhat formal in my emails, proposals, etc like most people are and I had success. And then I eventually brought more of my personality into my biz dealings, and I still delivered valuable info and content in my communications, but I changed my greetings and endings and had even more success.

I noticed that when I start my emails, proposals, etc with things like “Hi Bob, I hope you had a great holiday season and didn’t gain 15 pounds like I did” or “Hi Bob, Did you see that Broncos game? I haven’t seen choking like that since the Heimlich video in high school health class” and ended my emails, proposals, etc with things like “And don’t forget that Valentine’s Day is coming up so get your wife something nice. Think about what you’re planning to spend on her gift and double it. Trust me on this one” or “If you ever get to Colorado let’s get together and make some crank calls or do some cow tipping. Bring bail money” the biz deals just always seem to work out faster and more profitably.

Maybe it’s just a coincidence. But I don’t think so…. ?

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