It’s Never Been Easier To Get Better At Whatever You Want

There’s never been an easier time than now for you to get better at whatever you want to get better at. And nothing has really changed over the centuries in terms of figuring out how to get better. Determine what you want to excel at and find the resources that will teach you how to get better.

In the old days, you’d go to the library or subscribe to some pricey journal on your field of interest. Now, with the internet, Social Media, blogs, etc. you have an almost unlimited number of resources available to you.

I suggest that you find people who are really good at what you want to get better at. Friend them and/or like their Fan Page on Facebook, invite them to connect with you on LinkedIn, and follow them on Twitter. You’re not stalking, you’re learning by observing. Watch what they post. Study their content. They’re probably giving you the information that not too long ago you would have had to pay big money for. And now, most of it is free. In a good economy, free is good. In an economy as it says in the good book, “an economy that sucketh”, free is really good.

There’s no excuse anymore for not becoming great at whatever you want. And don’t use the time excuse. Everyone has 24 hours in their day. We invest our time in whatever is important to us. Decide to get great at whatever you want. You’re a kid in a candy store.


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