I Noticed That You Viewed My LinkedIn Profile

On the right-hand side of your LinkedIn homepage is a very interesting button called “Who’s Viewed Your Profile”. Depending on how a person’s LinkedIn settings are configured you can see with some limited visibility who’s been looking at your LinkedIn profile. Huge door of opportunity alert.

Many people spend a lot of mental power trying to think up clever back door ways of doing things and getting people’s attention when they could just walk up to the nine-hundred-pound elephant in the middle of the room and hug it.

I check this LinkedIn feature everyday and send a message to the people who’ve viewed my profile. Here’s my standard message:

“Hi Bob,

I noticed that you viewed my LinkedIn Profile.

Im all about paying-it-forward and adding massive value and Id like you to make me prove it.

May I help or serve you in some way?

To your massive success,

I couldn’t begin to tell you the number of great relationships this has started, speaking and training opportunities booked, and other serendipities that have resulted as a result of me just extending my hand in friendship to people who obviously have some interest in me for some reason.

Make sure you’re making the most of every human interaction. Huge doors of opportunity swing on little, tiny hinges. Hear that creaking? That’s another hinge. And by the way….another word for hinges is relationships.

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