Follow Friday Everyday

Those of us who use Twitter a lot are familiar with the hashtag #FF, which stands for Follow Friday. On Fridays, many people tweet #FF followed by the Twitter handles of people they’re recommending that their followers should also follow. Got that? It’s a nice way to pay it forward and drive visibility to people you see value in who your followers may have never heard of.

Don’t think you have to wait for Fridays to promote other people. And don’t think this only has to do with Twitter. Be a “Do It Now” person. If there’s someone you think deserves some recognition, do it now. Sure, wait until Friday to do the whole #FF thing, but don’t be afraid to post something on your Social Media platforms letting people know that you consider this person to be awesome.

The only recognition that many people get in life is when they screw something up. And they usually already know they screwed up and they don’t need someone reminding them of it. Take a different route. Sneak up and catch people doing something right. And then let other people know about it.

Follow Friday is Twitter’s way of paying it forward. Paying it forward on a daily basis whether online or offline is a great habit to develop. And you don’t have to wait until Friday to do it. Spread the love. How will you pay it forward today?

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