Female Olympians Finally And Social Media Not So Common Sense

The London Olympics are the first Olympics in history in which every country which is attending has at least one female athlete participating. Yes, reread that. Jeez Louise, it’s 2012, not 12. You can file this fact in the “it’s about friggin’ time” file.

It only took a couple thousand years for some people to figure out that women are athletes too. Amazing.

Another amazing thing is that a lot of people think they have to become Social Media experts. That’s like thinking that because you own a car, you need to become a transmission specialist. Leave the transmission to the transmission specialists and just learn to be a better driver.

Leave the nuances of Social Media platforms (which are all gonna change tomorrow, and tomorrow, and tomorrow) to the Social Media specialists and focus on delivering better content. It’s not about the technology, it’s about the value. It’s not about the transmission, it’s about the driving ability. It’s not about the iPhone, Android, smoke signals or two cans with a string, it’s about the conversation.

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