Facebook Is A High School Reunion Whenever You Like

I attended my 30th high school reunion in New Jersey yesterday evening. In the old days, last century, getting together for high school reunions was the time to learn all about what was happening in your friends’ lives because except for reunions, you were pretty much out of touch with most of your high school friends.

Now, with Facebook and other Social Media platforms, you can have ongoing conversations and stay in touch with your classmates as much or as little as you like. And getting together every ten years is just the in person time that you get to spend with these folks.

I think that’s nice. It’s great to be able to walk up to someone you haven’t seen in ten years or longer, and know what’s happening in their life and the lives of their kids, grandkids, spouse, etc because you take a sincere interest in them.

As I’ve said for years on stages all over, Facebook is the world’s largest high school reunion. We may get together at ten-year milestones, but we can have a high school reunion as frequently as we like.

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