Every Tuesday Is Thanksgiving

Most people give thanks on Sundays. I also give thanks on Tuesdays, because Tuesday is garbage day. As I walk around my home gathering the garbage from all of the garbage cans in our various rooms, I talk out loud with God.

“Thank you God for allowing me to deliver enough value to my clients to allow us to live in such a beautiful home with amazing views of the Rocky Mountains. Thank you for the food wrappers and packaging in the garbage can which means we’ve had enough to eat and stay healthy. Thank you for the messy garbage cans in each of my three childrens’ bedrooms which means each of our kids have space to decorate and have their privacy. Thank you for my three-year old’s diaper pail because you’ve blessed us with a little one and so many others haven’t had that blessing. Thank you for Karin cleaning the kitty litter. Thank you for the wine bottles heading for recycling. Thanks for the men and women who grew the grapes and turned them into wine. Please bless them and their families. Thank you for the garbage man who comes and takes our trash and please bless him and his family. Thank you for the heavy garbage cans that I get to push to the curb because it means that we have received enough to have trash and I get a little cardio in between the garage door and the curb. Thank you for everything, God.”

You don’t have to wait for November for Thanksgiving. You can celebrate Thanksgiving every Tuesday. And then work up to every day. And then every moment.

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