Don’t Burn Bridges

The world feels like it’s getting smaller, but it’s the same size it has always been. It may be getting a littler bit warmer since Al Gore invented the internet, but it’s not getting any smaller.

It feels like it’s getting smaller because we’re seeing more and more every day how interconnected we really are. And as I always tell my audiences, “You can’t outrun your character.” However you are, you are online, offline, in the boardroom and in the 7-11.

Over the last few weeks I’ve had a few former bosses reach out to me and let me know that they’re looking to change careers or that they’ve been let go at their jobs. I let them know that if I can ever direct any opportunities their way, I’ll do so.

Don’t burn bridges. The people who worked for you at one point may be the ones you’re reaching out to when you need a hand up. And vice versa.

Regardless of your role or position in a company or in any organization build relationships. Invest in building relationships. In a crazy, fast-paced and often chaotic world, your relationships will see you through whatever comes your way.

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