Don’t Be A Drive-By Social Media Connector

It’s nice to have a lot of Friends on Facebook, Connections on LinkedIn and Followers on Twitter, but don’t let the numbers fool you. Every connection regardless of the Social Media platform is an opportunity to add value to someone and to create a mutually beneficial, win-win relationship.

Many people are “drive-by connecting” with people. They’re just trying to increase their numbers in an egotistical manner. This isn’t everyone by any means, but it’s certainly a lot of people. Just look at the evidence.

A drive-by connection is someone who “friends, connects, or follows” and they’re then off to the Social Media Witness Relocation Program. You never hear from them again. Nothing, nada, bupkiss, goose egg.

When connecting with someone, send them a personal message acknowledging them and asking if you may help them in some way. You may be surprised at some of the wonderful replies you get. Most people are nice if you’re nice to them. And huge doors of opportunities swing on tiny hinges.

Don’t be a drive-by connector. If you’re going to connect with someone, then connect. At least stick your virtual hand out and say hi and offer to start a relationship. The right people will reply and then you’re on your path to many mutually beneficial, win-win relationships. And that’s a sweet way to live.

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