Conversation Skills Trump Social Media Skills

Most people and organizations use a “throw mud on the wall and hope something sticks” approach to Social Media. This may be an effective strategy if you’re in a commodity business, but there really are no commodity businesses, only people who have commodity thinking, but that’s a post for another time.

Your success in using Social Media effectively to increase your visibility, showcase your credibility, create referral relationships and strategic alliances and gaining clients while growing your revenue will not come as a result of your Social Media skills. It will be the result of your conversation skills. Just as your success in using your phone will not rest on the bells and whistles of your phone, it will be the result of effective communication skills.

It doesn’t matter how many fans, connections or followers you have if people don’t know you, like you or trust you. And the way you develop “know-like-trust” relationships with people is through conversations. By showing that you care about them. Skillful questioning and active listening skills trump Social Media skills every time.

Combine old-school, high touch relationship skills with new-school, high-tech communication tools such as Social Media platforms and you’ll create a timeless biz strategy instead of just trying to build a larger megaphone.

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