We all get various newsletters, ezines, etc. Many people and organizations who send these out think that they’re “touches”. That’s marketing speak for impersonal mass communication. They’re not bad things, but let’s not pretend that they are in any way personal. When I work with my clients and I teach them and help them develop their own simple “High-Tech/High-Touch Relationship Marketing System”(TM) we don’t consider those newsletters, ezines, etc as touches. They’re normally accepted and expected forms of communication, but they’re not touches. When someone says “that touched me” they’re probably not saying this in reference to a newsletter they just received. Ever. But when you take a sincere interest in someone and add value to them in a personal way, you better believe you’re touching them. When I care enough to learn what’s important to you, where you went to school, your spouse’s name, your favorite sports team, your …


No matter how many Facebook friends, LinkedIn connections or Twitter followers you have, nothing happens until a conversation is started. A billboard on the highway isn’t a conversation. While most people are running around trying to get more “likes” remember that business is conducted one to one. You can use Social Media to broadcast your message, but at the end of the day, biz is conducted one to one. This may sound obvious, but just look around. Very few people and even fewer organizations understand this. Take a deep, sincere interest in the one person you’re speaking with right now. Whether you’re speaking to them face to face, by phone, or on a Social Media site. Your success always occurs in a conversation. Never outside of a conversation. One conversation at a time.