June 2, 2016 Newsletter

I hope you had a wonderful Memorial Day Weekend and remembered the reason for the holiday. What an amazing country we’re fortunate to live in. Yes, we have issues just like every family does, but all in all we’re blessed. And for you nice folks reading this in another country, I hope you feel the same way about your country.   To read more click here

May 25, 2016 Newsletter

The kids are getting out of school. Yes, it’s that time of year again. Growing up in New Jersey we never got out of school this early, but that’s how they roll here in Colorado. Tristan finished his last 9th grade finals last Friday and Calais finishes kindergarten this Friday.   To read more click here

May 18, 2016 Newsletter

I hope you’re having a great week! Wondering….whatcha been watching on TV lately? I’ve always had an interest in British history. Lately, Beautiful and I have been watching a bunch of shows on the Queen now that she’s 90 years old and also watching shows on British history and the monarchy in general. Fascinating stuff. Here’s a picture of me in the actual Abbey of Westminster Abbey while I was in London a few months ago to deliver some speaking and training engagements. There’s no photography allowed in Westminster Abbey so this pic was shot pretty quickly by my private guide.   To read more click here

May 13, 2016 Newsletter

Okay, now it’s really starting to feel like Spring. I spoke in the Midwest a few days ago and it was in the 80’s. Toasty. I was kindly asked to present at an insurance conference in Indianapolis, IN earlier this week. I deliver a lot of speaking and training engagements in cities like New York City, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Philadelphia, Miami, Dallas, etc so it’s fun to get to visit a city I don’t often get to like Indianapolis.   To read more click here

May 5, 2016 Newsletter

Can you believe we’re in May already?! Man, time flies. They tell me that time seems to go faster the older you get but time has always gone quickly for me. Perhaps I’m an old soul.   To read more click here

April 27, 2016 Newsletter

It was a shame to hear the news last week of Prince’s death. This has been a rough year so far for musician deaths. Glenn Frey, David Bowie, Prince, and more. Love him or hate him (and I’m not even going to touch the still undisclosed circumstances around his death), you can’t ignore Prince. The guy was an original one of a kind. I’ve been a huge Prince fan since the early 80’s and one of the best concerts I’ve ever attended was in 1985 when I saw him from the third row in the Carrier Dome at Syracuse University on his Purple Rain tour. Ironically, that concert date was filmed and is available as a concert movie. It was very cool to be there.   To read more click here

April 21, 2016 Newsletter

Well, it seemed like Spring was just about here and in true Colorado fashion we had the tables turned on us in April. It’s not uncommon at all for us to have temperatures in the 60’s and 70’s and then have a Spring blizzard. And that’s just what we got last weekend when over two feet of snow landed on our home here at 7500′ of elevation at the top of Monument Hill. What a storm. Even by Rocky Mountain standards, it was a big blizzard.   To read more click here

April 12, 2016 Newsletter

Did you watch The Masters over the weekend?! Wow, was that incredible. Poor Jordan Spieth having that quadruple bogey meltdown on the back nine on Sunday afternoon. I remember twenty years ago when Beautiful and I were having dinner in The Fontainebleau Hotel in Miami the evening of The Masters and the same thing happened to Greg Norman. It was painful to watch.   To read more click here

April 6, 2016 Newsletter

Ski season here in beautiful Colorado is starting to wind down and the days left for shredding powder are few. I love skiing with my friends and family. And sometimes I need some “me time”. I skied Vail alone on Sunday. I’m so blessed to live in Colorado where we have some of the best skiing in the world. I’ve been skiing since I was five years old and I had one of the best ski days of my life so far on Sunday. Beautiful blue skies, open slopes without many people and for a lot of the day no people where I was, and ear buds in under my helmet.   To read more click here

March 31, 2016 Newsletter

Last week, Beautiful, me, and two of our three Kneblettes went on our annual Spring Break trip. We normally go places that include palm trees and an ocean. This year we didn’t do the ocean thing, but we did the palm trees thing. We enjoyed Spring Break 2016 in Sedona and Phoenix, AZ.   To read more click here

March 16, 2016 Newsletter

Halfway through March and we’re already into Daylight Savings Time – phew, time goes fast! Last week, I was kindly asked to deliver some speaking and training engagements outside London in Egham, UK. I flew to the UK through Iceland, which was a first for me. I’m looking forward to an Icelandic vacation with Beautiful and the kids at some point in the next year or so.   To read more click here

February 24, 2016 Newsletter

Before Tristan and I went to the shooting range last Sunday for our weekly practice of 200 rounds of getting the lead out, we stopped by one of our favorite burger joints, Crave Burger. Tristan always gets ‘The Luther’ which is a burger with bacon, cheddar, an over easy egg, and onion, with two glazed donuts as the bun. Seriously. I always get ‘The Drunken Onion’ which is a burger with cabernet caramelized onions, crispy onion strings, gruyere, swiss, and french onion soup for dipping.   To read more click here

February 16, 2016 Newsletter

I just returned with Beautiful and two of my three kids from our annual ski vacation. For the last ten years on Presidents Day Weekend we’ve been staying in a beautiful ski house in Alma, CO. Alma is the highest incorporated city in the USA at 10,578 feet above sea level.   To read more click here

February 9, 2016 Newsletter

Well, we did it. I say “we” as if I had something to do with it. I didn’t. But I’m pretty sure that my wife, Beautiful, in her Broncos pajamas and my daughter, Princess Calais, in her Broncos shirt pretty much put us over the top. Super Bowl 50 Champions – Denver Broncos!!!   To read more click here

January 19, 2016 Newsletter

It’s snowing hard here at 7500′ in Monument, Colorado as I type this newsletter this morning. Boy, is it beautiful. I hope it’s beautiful where you are too.   To read more click here

January 12, 2016 Newsletter

I hope your 2016 is off to a great start! What a natural time of the year for fresh starts. I hope you have some things you’re doing that you’re excited about. I hope you’re working on some projects that have your creative juices flowing. People often think that only kids and artists are creative. Nope. We’re all creative. Adults are just kids with long, hairy legs and we all come from a creative source so therefore we are creative by nature. What would you like to create in 2016?   To read more click here

January 6, 2016 Newsletter

Happy New Year! When I was a kid I remember figuring out how old I was going to be in the year 2000 and also wondering what life would be like in the year 2000. Can you believe that we’re 16 years past 2000? Wow. I hope you had a great end to your 2015 and I hope even more that 2016 is your best year to date.   To read more click here

December 29, 2015 Newsletter

For folks who celebrate Christmas, I hope you had a wonderful Christmas last Friday. It snowed here in Colorado on Christmas Day which added to the already very white ground so it really felt like a very white Christmas. It was beautiful. Whatever holiday you celebrate this time of year, including Festivus for you Seinfeld fans, I hope you had a fun one.   To read more click here

December 23, 2015 Newsletter

Thanks for all of your very kind birthday wishes and messages last week! What an amazing outpouring of kindness and love. When you write a weekly newsletter and put it out into the world, you never ultimately know where it’s going to end up. There are some folks who frequently reply to my newsletters with comments, questions, insights, etc. And then there are others who message me infrequently. And then there are many others who you wonder if they’re even reading your newsletter.   To read more click here

December 16, 2015 Newsletter

They say that as you get older, time goes faster. I don’t know about that but wasn’t Y2K like just a week ago? Man, we’re halfway through December already. And my birthday is tomorrow. I guess I am getting older. Yikes.   To read more click here